40+ Best gift card email subject lines

Gift card emails are pretty awesome. They can earn you loyal customers, make your brand more popular, strengthen relationships with your audience, drive more people to your website, and even boost your sales. They're a secret weapon in cart recovery programs and other ways to re-engage with your customers. And let's not forget how irresistible they are, especially around the holiday season!

So, if you're thinking about sending out a gift card email campaign to your subscribers, we have some fantastic subject lines to help you get started!

Best gift card email subject lines for holidays

You guessed it, the best time to share those gift card newsletters is during the holidays. It's the season of giving, and gift cards are a great way to spread cheer among customers and businesses. When it comes to marketing, holiday-themed email campaigns are where gift cards truly shine and make everyone feel festive and happy!

If you have a festive gift card email to send, these subject lines are a perfect fit:

Wrap up joy: [Brand] gift cards await

[First Name], give the gift of [Brand]!

Holiday happiness: [Brand] gift cards

[Brand] gift cards: The perfect present

Unwrap the magic: [Brand] gift cards

[First Name], share [Brand] joy!

Deck the halls with [Brand] gift cards

Holiday cheers with [Brand] gift cards

[First Name], 'tis the season for [Brand]

Give the gift of [Brand] joy!

[Brand] gift cards: The ultimate gift

Holidays made bright with [Brand]

Spread joy with [Brand] gift cards

Unbox happiness: [Brand] gift cards

Make merry memories with [Brand]

Gift card email subject lines for last minute gift

Adding a touch of urgency can be a smart move for brands. It's all about tapping into that last-minute gift-shopping vibe, whether a day or a few days before a holiday. And guess what? This strategy isn't just for Christmas; it works beautifully for occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter too!

If this sounds like something you'd like to include in your email campaign strategy, we have some excellent subject lines to jazz up your message:

Instant joy: [Brand] gift cards

Last-minute bliss: [Brand] gift

Quick fix: [Brand] gift cards

Give the [Brand] magic!

[Brand] delights: Perfect gift

Last chance: [Brand] gift cards

Easy choice: [Brand] gift card

Wrap-up happiness: [Brand]

[Brand] magic in a card

Last-minute [Brand] love

Gift [First Name] with [Brand]

Smile on: [Brand] gift

Last-minute [Brand] happiness

[Brand] delights await, [First Name]

Give [Brand] joy, [First Name]!

Good gift card email subject lines for re-engagement

Gift card emails can be a lifesaver to supercharge your re-engagement campaign. Imagine this: someone leaves their shopping cart behind, undecided. What do you do? Send them a tempting gift voucher to nudge them toward making that purchase! Plus, gift cards can be a fun addition to your follow-up newsletters.

Ready for some snazzy subject lines to pair with your re-engagement email featuring a gift card? Here they are:

[Brand] gift card inside!

Unlock savings: [Brand] gift card

Surprise, [First Name]! Gift card awaits

Gift card goodness for you, [First Name]

Your [Brand] gift card is here!

[Brand] gift card special for [First Name]

Get excited: [First Name]'s gift card

[Brand] gift card just for you!

Open me for a [Brand] gift card

Exclusive [Brand] gift card inside!

It's [First Name]'s lucky day!

Unwrap your [Brand] gift card

[Brand] gift card: claim yours now

Special delivery: [Brand] gift card

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