40+ Best weekend email subject lines

It may be tricky to grab the attention of your subscribers during the weekend as they're busy enjoying their well-deserved leisure time. However, while it may present a challenge, it certainly doesn't mean that reaching your audience is impossible.

In fact, a catchy subject line could be just the thing your email needs to stand out in their inbox and entice them to open it. Whether your subscribers relax, run errands, or explore new adventures, a compelling subject line can cut through the weekend noise and capture their attention.

That's why we've compiled a curated list of engaging weekend email subject lines to inspire your email campaigns.

Best weekend newsletter email subject lines

There's a certain pleasure in leisurely reading newsletters over the weekend, free from the rush and hustle of the workweek. For many subscribers, weekends offer the perfect opportunity to unwind, catch up on news, and indulge in content that enriches their leisure time.

If you want to provide subscribers with this enjoyable experience, you're already on the right track. Weekend newsletters present a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in a relaxed and receptive setting, where they're more likely to savor your content and absorb your message.

But how do you ensure your newsletters capture attention and inspire readers to open them eagerly? The answer lies in crafting compelling subject lines that entice and intrigue:

Escape the city: Weekend getaways await!

Brunch bonanza: Recipes to try this weekend

Dive into a good book: Weekend reads

Adventure awaits: Outdoor activities this weekend

Relax & recharge: Wellness tips for the weekend

Unwind & explore: Weekend getaway ideas

Rise & shine: Brunch recipes for the weekend

Cozy up with a book: Weekend reading list

Get outside: Fun activities for the weekend

Self-care Saturday: Weekend wellness tips

Discover hidden gems: Weekend escapes

Brunch bliss: Delicious weekend recipes

Bookworm's paradise: Weekend reading picks

Nature calls: Outdoor adventures this weekend

Pamper yourself: Weekend self-care ideas

Weekend-only sale email subject lines

Weekend-only sales offer a prime opportunity to boost revenue and engage customers during their leisure time. If you're planning one, captivating subject lines are key to grabbing your subscribers' attention and driving clicks.

Pick any from this list, and you can be sure you’ve chosen the right one:

Blitz for bargains: Weekend only

Flash frenzy: Weekend delights

Seize the weekend: Big savings

Snap up spectaculars: Weekend exclusives

Don't snooze: Weekend specials

Rush hour: Weekend extravaganza

Limited time offer: Weekend blitz

Weekend wonders: Shop now!

Grab & go: Weekend wow deals

Weekend mania: Save big today

Quick strike: 25% off weekend specials

Weekend rocket deals: Blast off! - 25% off

High-speed savings: Weekend blitz - 25% off

Zoom-zoom-zoom: Weekend wonders - 25% off

Rush for the deals: 25% off weekend edition

Good long weekend email subject lines

Long weekends offer a welcome break for everyone, providing extra time to unwind and enjoy leisure activities. They also often bring exciting sales opportunities for businesses looking to connect with their audience.

If you're keen on making the most of long weekends to engage your customers and drive sales, you're in the right place. Here's a selection of catchy subject lines to accompany your long weekend emails:

Seize the moment: weekend wins

Dive into savings: long weekend edition

Unleash your weekend shopping spirit

Discover your weekend wonder deals

Long weekend thrills: sales unleashed

Embrace the long weekend: shop big!

Spark your weekend with hot deals

Weekend wonders await: dive in!

Unleash the weekend warrior in you

Weekend adventure awaits: shop now!

Weekend delights: unwrap savings

Your long weekend shopping spree begins

Long weekend fever

Get set, shop: weekend edition

Weekend rush? Snag your favorites

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