40+ Best weekly newsletter email subject lines

Are your weekly newsletters feeling lonely, often overlooked in your subscribers' inboxes, or, even worse, ending up in spam folders? Engaging subject lines is key to making a positive first impression and sparking interest. Here's a collection of captivating weekly newsletter subject line examples for various scenarios to help breathe new life into your emails!

Best weekly newsletter subject lines

Looking to stand out in your subscribers' inboxes with each newsletter you send? Compelling content is essential, but don't forget about the power of a captivating subject line! 

Elevate your email game with these attention-grabbing subject lines:

This week's gems await

Your weekly scoop

Weekly wow moments

Weekly wins & wonders

Get ahead this week

All-new, all this week

Fresh picks await you

Weekly delights await

The latest buzz

Your weekly insider

This week's must-reads

Weekly roundup

New week, new discoveries

Elevate your week ahead

Be in-the-know weekly

Catchy weekly newsletter subject lines

No one wants a dull newsletter subject line, right? Let's give it some pizzazz to ensure your newsletter grabs attention and lands at the top of the reading list.

Check out these catchy subject lines that are sure to make your newsletter shine:

Discover fresh ideas

Unleash your creativity

Get inspired today

Your weekly update

Limited time offer

New arrivals alert

Inside: exciting updates

Be the trendsetter

Stay informed

New collection preview

Latest news just in

Get your freebie

Breaking news!

Best of the best

New and exciting

Good weekly newsletter subject lines

You could have the most amazing newsletter ever, but it won't get opened if the subject line doesn't grab attention. So, what makes a subject line effective? Explore some examples here:

Fuel your imagination

Discover your true potential

Be the change you seek

The power of small steps

Achieve more with less

Breaking barriers together

Charting a bold course

Unveiling our latest project

Dive into a world of wonder

Explore, dream, achieve

Join our thriving community

Where curiosity leads you

This week in the world

What have we been up to?

We’re obsessed

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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