Buying email lists

Why Email List Buying Will KILL Your Brand. No Jokes!

We covered most of what you need to know before you can decide whether to buy email lists or not. 

If are you tempted to buy an email list, Hold your horses!

We’ve noticed that many marketers and business owners find themselves needing a large email list, fast, in order to send out their latest offers. And why wouldn’t they? A large list ready to go is a great way to generate income in just a few clicks! But is it really?

Because as tempting as it may be to just acquire a large audience in one fell swoop, it’s actually not just more likely to harm your business… But is guaranteed to be a sunk cost.

But in that moment of desperation, we tend to make the worst possible choices that will harm us in the long run…

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First and foremost, we feel it’s necessary to dispel what may be the biggest myth in email marketing today:

It’s the quality of the email list, not the quantity that matters

We personally know of some top-tier income-earners who are thriving with a small list of a few thousand people…

And we also know of some marketers barely keeping afloat with lists in the hundreds of thousands to over a million!

And there is a simple reason behind it. 

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Well, this leads us to the second most important element in email marketing:

People buy from those they know, like, and support

It seems almost obvious no? But the fact is, likability and familiarity are two HUGE components when it comes to making a sale, and when you buy an email list, you’ve thrown those two key components out the window.

Here’s a fun fact we found on Hubspot:

It takes 2 weeks, on average, from a prospect to go from not caring about you to liking you and buying from you.

But these 2 weeks aren’t a ‘run out the clock’ situation!

These are two weeks of a carefully planned, active indoctrination campaign that makes them feel that you understand their problem deeply, have found a common enemy to unite you two and that you and only you can provide the solution to their problem.

How much of that do you think you can do with an email list of just about anyone?

Oh, and that brings us to the last point:

Buying an email list is always a bad idea, because a list you can buy is always, invariably a low-quality list.

Imagine you own a Bentley dealership – which means you cater to a very specific type of clientele – and someone walks in. You know that already have the job is done if that person willingly walked into the dealership, and it is now the salesman’s job to logically lead this prospect to the inescapable conclusion that your product is exactly what he needs – not just to take him from his house to work, but to make him feel like a better man, to give him the prestige he’s always wanted, and to make him irresistible to the ladies!

Now imagine at that same Bentley dealership, that your salesman just run out of the lot and onto the street and gather in everyone that happens to be walking by – high school students, single mothers with young children, unemployed people, environmentally conscious people – everyone! How ridiculous would that be?

Even if your lot is full of people, you’re still not making a sale…  Building your email lists is always better idea

When someone willingly opts-in to your email list, he or she is saying ‘I like what you’ve got, I’m interested in what you’re offering… Convince me’. That is the foundation of a quality list!

The final reason for not buying email lists is a more dangerous one: Most reputable list-building software (including our team at do not accept bought lists, and will not allow you to use it either way.

Stick to building your list the proper way – offer your audience some value in exchange for their email address, and then build a relationship with them so they can get to know you, your brand, and your unique solution to their problems and you will not only make a sale but will build lifelong loyalty!

Onward & Upward Team