90+ Best ecommerce email subject lines

Effective subject lines are the gateway to ecommerce email campaign success, as they hold the power to captivate shoppers to open the email. Crafting compelling subject lines is the first step toward increasing click-through rates, leading to higher conversions.

Promotional email subject lines

Promotional emails are sent to customers when you're about to launch a new product or if you're going to offer exclusive deals on your product or services.

The main reason behind sending promotional emails is to motivate customers to buy your products so you need to write an email subject line that's captivating and excites the audience to click on your email. 

Here are promotional email subject line examples that you can use for your next offers and special deals.

For VIP members: 40% OFF!

Gear up for the weekend SALE, [First Name]

Get 50% off everything! (24 hrs only)

Free Shipping! Only today, hurry!

Weekend Sale: Countdown Begins

Upgrade with 20% OFF!

Time’s running out: Get [Product/Service] with 20% Off

Free Shipping on Orders of $35+

Shhh... Secret sale for VIPs...

Our Biggest Sale EVER (Ends in 3 hrs)

BOGO Sale in 3...2...1...

You’re invited to the SALE, [First Name]

25% OFF Sale (Extra 10% for early birds)

30% OFF till stocks last, hurry!

New In: First 100 get 20% OFF

Summer Flash Sale: 25% Off Everything!

New Arrivals Alert: Upgrade Your Style

[Season] Clearance Sale: 30% OFF

Exclusive Deal: 40% Off for VIPs

Grab [Product] before it's gone: Only [Number] Left!

Abandoned cart subject lines

Ecommerce business owners know how it feels when a customer adds a product but leaves it out without making a purchase. Abandoned shopping cart emails are an effective tool any brand can use to urge shoppers who have taken an interest but have not finished their purchase.

Here are some abandoned cart email subject lines that'll help you convince shoppers to come back and finish their purchase.

Your cart feels abandoned...

Hurry back: Free shipping + 15% off

Did you forget these by accident?

Your cart wants you back, [First Name]

Complete Checkout (Extra 20% OFF inside)

You left some great things behind

15% off your whole cart!

Check your cart for surprise, [First Name]

Claim your cart + Free shipping

Complete your order (+FREE shipping)

Checkout now and get 20% off

Complete your order now for FREE shipping

Exclusive deal: 20% OFF your cart items

Last call: 10% off your purchase

Your cart is calling (Take 10% off)

SOS from your cart (20% off on us)

The Great Cart Escape (extra 25% off)

Complete checkout (Stocks running low)

Welcome new customer email subject lines

Welcome emails are a must. However, they can get lost in the sea of emails. Make sure they're seen with great subject lines.

Welcome to the family, [First Name]

Welcome aboard, [First Name]!

Thank you for choosing [Company Name], [First Name]

Let's begin the journey, shall we?

You’re now one of us, [First Name]!

[First Name], here are your exclusive benefits

Thanks for joining, [First Name]!

Your adventure starts here, [First Name]

You’re in [First Name], congrats!

Welcome to the club, [First Name]!

We're delighted to have you at [Company Name]

[First Name], welcome to the fam!

Welcome to exclusive offers and surprises!

A red carpet welcome for you, [First Name]

Welcome to your online haven, [First Name]

New adventures await you, [First Name]!

Welcome to your new world, [First Name]

[First Name], now we jive together!

You are now a VIP, [First Name]

Thank you for purchase email subject lines

Thanking your customers for an order is a nice gesture that helps in building a long-lasting relationship with them. Therefore, marketers happily send thank you emails to customers when they purchase. You should, too! And with great subject lines, they'll be read and appreciated. 

Thank you for your purchase, [First Name]

Thanks for shopping with us, [First Name]!

Thank you for choosing [Company Name], [First Name]

Your trust means everything to us, [First Name]

Cheers to your purchase, [First Name]

We’re celebrating your order!

We’re thrilled you chose us, [First Name]

Every purchase motivates us, thank you!

[First Name], Your support means the world!

You are one amazing customer, [First Name]

Your trust fuels our efforts, [First Name]!

Your order made us smile. Thank you, [First Name]!

Shipping information email subject lines

Every online store must send a shipping confirmation email. That way, your customers will rest assured knowing where their order is. Real-time tracking also delivers a top-notch customer experience.

Here are some creative subject lines for shipping confirmation emails.

[First Name], your order is on its way!

Shipping update: Your product is en route

Important: Shipping details & status

[First Name], your tracking link inside!

Yay, your order is on its way!

[Product] will reach your doorstep soon!

Track your happiness: Order on its way

[Product] delivery on the horizon

Shipping Alert: Tracking link inside

Delivery update: [Product] almost there!

Exciting news: [Product] is on its way to you!

[Product] Shipped: Track Your Shipment Status

Hold tight, [Product] is coming

Here’s your tracking link, [First Name]

[Product]: It's marching to your doorstep!

Greeting email subject lines

In the world of email marketing, the right greeting can make all the difference. Discover our greeting email subject lines that'll catch your audience's attention.

Hello, [First Name]! Welcome Aboard!

A Warm Welcome from [Company Name]

Hey, [First Name] – Your Journey Starts Now!

Hello from [Company Name] – let's dive in!

Hi, [First Name]! Let's embrace new adventures

Welcome, [First Name]! Now buckle up for this journey

Ready to play, [First Name]?

Step in [Company Name] world, [First Name]

Adventure Awaits – Join us, [First Name]

Hey, [First Name], you're ready?

A Special Hello to a Special Person, [First Name]

We'll make your dreams come true, [First Name]

We soar high here, [First Name]

[First Name], get ready to ROCK!

Win-back subject lines

You know how difficult it is to acquire new customers in this competitive world. You also don’t want to lose customers you care about, in fact, you take extra steps to win them back.

Winback emails are an often strategy to do that. With catchy subject lines, it's a good start.

We miss you, [First Name]

It's not the same without you!

We want you back, [First Name]...

Long time no see: Exclusive deal inside!

Let’s rekindle the flame: 20% OFF

Our love story isn’t over, [First Name]

Sweet surprise awaits, [First Name]

Just for You: 25% OFF

We've got something special just for you

Come back and Save, [First Name]

Have you forgotten about us?

Get 20% off your next purchase, [First Name]!

Survey & review request email subject lines

Survey and review request emails are the best way to know what your customers think about your brand, and that's crucial for businesses in order to keep up and continue on growing.

Discover great subject lines that increase chances of receiving those reviews!

Help us improve, [First Name]

Take a moment to rate your experience with us

Quick survey, but means so much to us!

We want to be even better for you, [First Name]

Share feedback, win prizes

How was [Product]? Let us know!

Be the voice of change: Quick review!

Tell us what's on your mind, [First Name]

Your opinion means so much to us!

Rate your recent purchase: [Product]

Tell us what you loved (or didn't)

We’re all ears for your judgment, [First Name]

Feedback fiesta: Care to join the party?

Upselling and cross-selling email subject lines

Discover irresistible subject line examples that will get your emails opened, boosting your upselling and cross-selling efforts. 

These add-ons are a must

Complement your purchase with best-sellers

Know what’ll go well with [Product]?

Get inspired by our gift guide, [First Name]

Must-haves: Explore the list

You've missed our bundle offer!

Don’t miss out on the [Product]

Create your own bundle, [First Name]!

Looks like you might like these, [First Name]!

Complete your collection and save big!

Our Recommendations: Explore with 20% OFF

Upgrade to [Tier] with 20% OFF!

Upgrade to [Product/Service]: Here's what you'll get

Engagement email subject lines

Engaging email itself is great, but what if it won't be opened? Here's why you need compelling engagement email subject lines!

Let’s celebrate! Special surprise inside...

Something we wanna tell you, [First Name]

[First Name], Your day will be brighter after this!

Allow us to spoil you, [First Name]!

Check out what’s new on [Topic]

It's been a while: here's what happened

Up for a surprise, [First Name]?

Unlock Exclusive Content: Dive into [Topic]!

Get Inspired: [Topic] Stories

What do you think about [Topic], [First Name]?

Don't miss out on something great...

Step into the spotlight, [First Name]! Share your story

Stay in the Loop: Get Your Dose of [Topic]

Referral email subject lines

Referrals are like gold in the world of email marketing. They bring in trusted connections and potential customers. But to encourage your audience to make those referrals, they firstly need to open your email, right?

Spread the love, [First Name]

Refer and earn special rewards, [First Name]

Refer, share, and earn: Instructions inside

Sharing is caring, right?

Invite a friend and get 50% OFF

[First Name], double the fun – invite your friends!

Your next meal on us, [First Name]?

Shop together, save together!

Get rewarded for being a good friend

Discount for both you and your pal!

Refer friends & enjoy exclusive perks!

Refer friends, unlock special offers!

Are you a good friend, [First Name]?

Friends that save together, stay together

[First Name], don’t your friends deserve the best?

More good ecommerce email subject lines

Just in case you didn’t find an ecommerce email subject line that works for you, we share some more:

Shop now for exclusive deals

Don't miss out: limited time offer

New arrivals: shop today

Unlock savings with promo code

Hurry, flash sale ending soon

Upgrade your style for less

Last chance for big discounts

Shop, save, repeat

Get cozy with fall favorites

Exclusive VIP access inside

Your wishlist, your savings

Elevate your wardrobe

Sparkle and shine: jewelry sale

Fall in love with fashion

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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