90+ Best fitness email subject lines

Email marketing offers businesses in the fitness industry a direct and targeted medium to both convert interested prospects as well as maintain relationships with their existing clientele.

Well executed email campaigns can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to promote membership deals and personal training packages or retain as much of your existing clients as possible.

Check these examples of fitness email subject lines that you can use to run such growth campaigns.

General fitness email subject lines

Send your prospects and members workout tips, easy-to-follow nutrition advice, motivational content, and health hacks to keep them engaged and your brand top-of-mind. 

When you maintain high engagement levels with existing and potential clients, it ensures higher customer lifetime value (CLTV) and a constant flow of new membership enrollments.

Here are some fitness email subject lines that will help you power up your email campaigns:

6 packs in 6 months? Why not!

[First Name], train smart with us

Healthier you in 8 weeks, [First Name]. Join?

Transform your habits for better life, [First Name]

Reasons why you should start today

Start today, feel amazing in [Timeframe]

Let's get active, [First Name]!

Fitness plan that makes you feel fantastic

Move your way to happier, healthier YOU

Get Up, Get Healthy, Get Happy

Feel good and look great with [Product/Service]

[First Name], this is your sign to start today!

Experience the joy of feeling strong, [First Name]

Empower your life through [Product/Service]

Choose joy & health – Choose [Product/Service]

Get strong, get happy with [Brand Name]

Your Journey to a Healthier You: Start Now!

You'll feel stronger sooner, if you start today!

Unleash the Impossible in Your Body with [Product/Service]

Confidence begins with feeling good, [First Name]

Gym sales email subject lines

Use emails to run promotional campaigns such as special membership discounts, group membership offers, free trial passes, and personal training packages for both prospects and existing members.

Check out these fitness promotion email subject lines to inspire your next email campaign:

Save [Discount] on [Gym Name] Membership!

Unbeatable Deal Inside: [Gym Name]

Get fit and SAVE: Limited-time offer!

Last chance to get [Discount] off [Gym Name] membership

Join [Gym Name] with [Discount] off now!

Act Fast! [Gym Name] membership with [Discount] OFF

Exclusive Deal: [Discount] OFF Any Membership

Save Big and Join [Gym Name] Community: Limited-Time Offer

Test-drive [Gym Name] with [Days] free trial!

Try [Gym Name] for Free! (details inside)

Get Fit, Save Big: [Gym Name] Sale Starts Now!

Getting fit has never been cheaper...

VIPs Only: Exclusive [Discount] OFF

Flash Sale Alert: Save [Discount] off Any Membership

Hurry, save [Discount] off [Gym Name] membership!

[Discount] OFF: Hurry, 24 hours only!

Don't wait 'til Monday, get [Discount] OFF now!

Gym membership renewal email subject lines

Use automated email campaigns to send out renewal reminders, personalized offers, special upgrade invites, and early renewal discounts to existing members to ensure better renewal rates and improved business cashflows. 

Stay Fit, [First Name] – Renew Today!

Don't pause your success, [Firs Name]!

Secure Your Membership at [Gym Name] Now!

Keep going, [First Name]! Time to Renew Membership

Another Year of Achievements Awaits: Renew Now

[First Name], Your [Gym Name] membership awaits renewal

Stay committed, renew your membership at [Gym Name]

Don't lose the progress! Renew today.

Continue Your Fitness Journey with Renewal!

Renew now and keep the results coming!

Stay on track, [First Name]: time for renewal

Keep Your Membership Active, [First Name]!

Don't miss a beat, stay with us!

Your Membership – Will the Adventure Continue?

Still Committed to Your Goals? Stay with [Gym Name]

Gym newsletter subject lines

Sending out regular email newsletters allows your fitness business to establish trust, show your expertise, provide value, and exert influence.

Here are some gym newsletter email subject lines that will help you nurture your subscriber relationships effectively:

[First Name] Check Your Weekly Fitness Guide

Fit life hacks inside, [First Name]!

Strong Together: [Gym Name] Community Updates

Rise & grind, [First Name]: Morning workout tips

[Gym Name] Insider Tips: Mind & Body

What's new in [Gym Name]?

Sweat Community: [Gym Name] Insights

Fitness Fusion: [Gym Name] Tips & Tricks

Fitness Digest: [Number] Tips on [Topic]

Exclusive interview with [Fitness Person]

[Number] exercises for body AND mind

Why [Subject] matters for your health?

Fit & Healthy: How to fuel your body?

Gym Inspo: [Gym Name] Clients' Stories

[Gym Name] Stars: [Client's Name] Story

Coach email subject lines

Any of your members seeking expert help in their workouts are likely looking for a coach. A well-strategized email campaign can stand out by communicating the value that a high-quality coach brings to technique, performance, and overall results.

Check out below email subject line examples to help communicate the value of a coach to your target audience:

Achieve goals faster with [Coach Name]

Ready for transformative coaching [First Name]?

Elevate your fitness game with coach [Coach Name]

Can’t go wrong with a coach in ya corner

Turn your BEAST mode on, [First Name]

3 Signs You Need a Fitness Coach

You may not need a coach if…

Hire a personal coach at 25% OFF

Here's how we changed [Client's Name] life

Let me tell you how I can help, [First Name]

[Number] Things to Look in Personal Coach

[Number] Reasons Why Beginners Need a Coach

[Number] years a coach, [Number] succeeded with me

2 month results of [Client's Name]. [First Name], be next!

Your 'next level' is only 1 decision away!

Coach introduction email subject lines

With subject lines for coach introduction campaigns, you want to grab your prospects' attention so that they open your email to learn more about you and your coaching services.

Here are some subject lines to do that with flair:

Meet your personal coach – [Coach Name]

How I helped [Client's Name] lose [Weight] in [Timeframe]

[First Name], our sessions will look like THIS

Here’s how we’ll work together, [First Name]

One man army: Here's how I'll help, [First Name]

Introducing [Coach Name]: Your Success Partner

Your personal training package with [Coach Name]

[Number] Things About Coach [Coach Name]

I'm coach [Name] and here's how I can help

Meet [Coach Name] – Coach that truly cares

[First Name], let's become stronger together!

Get to Know Me: Coach [Coach Name]

Will you join me for this journey, [First Name]?

[Number] Reasons Why We Should Start on Monday

[First Name], here's how I helped [Client's Name]. Join us?

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

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