60+ Best summer camp email subject lines

If you have a business that organizes summer camps, you can use email marketing to communicate effectively and efficiently with parents and prospective campers at scale.

Create and deliver newsletters that share camper success stories, highlight enjoyable activities, and provide tips for parents. To help grow your camping business, you can also target your most interested segment of readers with exclusive discounts, special deals, early bird registration offers, or referral programs.

We share examples of summer camp email subject lines that could help you get maximum opens for such campaigns.

General summer camp email subject lines

Highlight the unique experiences and benefits you can offer with email campaigns, using testimonials from satisfied customers to strengthen your claims.

Here are examples of subject lines on how you can do it:

Adventure awaits you at [Camp Name]

[First Name], unlock your inner explorer

Fancy a great escape, [First Name]?

Discover wild new skills at [Camp Name]

Experience the magic of [Camp Name]

Ready for the best summer camp ever, [First Name]?

Culinary Arts Summer Camp calling

Discover your wild side at [Camp Name]

Calling all tough little explorers

[Camp Name] opens doors to new friendships

Unleash your child’s potential at [Camp Name]

Summer camp for kids (12 seats left)

Adventure calling: Join us at [Camp Name]

Discover the wonders of nature at [Camp Name]

[First Name], embrace the great outdoors

Best summer camp email subject lines

The best summer camp emails tell stories of transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on campers. These stories capture the essence of summer camp, from conquering fears on the high ropes course to building friendships around the campfire.

Here are some more summer camp email subject lines to help you out:

New friends await you at [Camp Name]

Unplug and reconnect at [Camp Name]

Escape the everyday at [Camp Name]

Empower your inner adventurer at [Camp Name]

Join our movie production summer camp

Grow, learn, and have fun at [Camp Name]

Challenge yourself at [Camp Name], [First Name]

Special cooking camp for kids on [Date]

Our summer horseback riding camp is back

Unforgettable summer memories at [Camp Name]

Create your adventure at [Camp Name]

[First Name], let nature grow on you

Join us for Summer camp bliss on [Date]

Fancy thriving in the wilderness, [First Name]?

Adventure seekers unite at [Camp Name]

Summer camp registration email subject lines

To drive registrations for summer camps, your subject lines must be irresistible and the content highly engaging. You can also offer exclusive incentives such as early bird discounts or referral rewards to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

Here are some examples of email subject lines for your summer camp registration campaigns:

[Camp Name]: Registrations now open

Secure your spot at [Camp Name], [First Name]

Save big if you register for [Camp Name] today

100 spots only at [Camp Name]

Register now for [Camp Name]

Early bird discount: Register now

Last chance to secure your spot at [Camp Name]

Join [Camp Name] for an action-packed summer

Don't wait! Register now for [Camp Name]

You can still reserve a spot at [Camp Name]

Summer adventures at [Camp Name]

Early bird discount ending soon at [Camp Name]

Exclusive 25% OFF at [Camp Name]

Epic adventures now for 50% less

[First Name], enroll in the camp of a lifetime

Last chance summer camp email subject lines

Your last-chance summer camp email campaigns must remind recipients of the looming registration deadline and urge them to register before time runs out. 

Here are some summer camp email subject lines that you can copy and paste for these campaigns:

Your last chance to register for [Camp Name]

What you get when you register for [Camp Name]

Last few spots left at [Camp Name]

[Location]’s best summer camp is filling up fast

Final days to register at [First Name]

Join our high-demand summer camp now

Last 20 spots at [Camp Name]

Don’t miss an epic summer experience

Last call to adventure: join [Camp Name] now

[Camp Name]: Registrations close on [Date]

[First Name], secure your adventure at [Camp Name]

Limited spots at [Camp Name]. Act quickly

Act fast or miss out: Join [Camp Name] today

Don't miss the summer fun: Register now

Registrations for [Camp Name] end tonight

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