40+ Best case study email subject line examples

Case study emails are a bit like success story emails. They're all about sharing real-life examples of how a company or person used a specific product or service to tackle a challenge or reach a goal. In these emails, you'll find actual results, happy customer stories, and a quick summary of the situation, the hurdles they faced, and how they found a solution.

These emails are excellent because they show, in a real-world way, how a product or service can be a problem-solving hero. They're fantastic for building trust and credibility with potential customers because they prove you have the experience and can deliver results. When crafting a case study email, the key is to focus on the customer's journey and clarify why your solution is a game-changer.

And if you've got one of these emails ready to send, these case study email subject line examples can help you catch your audience's eye.

Best case study email subject line examples for ecommerce

Case study emails are a great way to demonstrate the pros of your products. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, these subject lines will surely go a long way:

See how [Brand] grew sales

How [Brand] dominated eCommerce

[Brand] case study: Sales surge

Epic: [Brand]'s story

Behind [Brand]'s sales success

[Brand] sales soared—learn how

[Brand] soared: Case study

Sales mastery: [Brand] case

Unlocking success: [Brand]

[Brand] crushed it! Case

How [Brand] scaled big

The [Brand] success story

Sales soared: [Brand] case

[Brand] unleashed: Case

[Brand] sales surge: Case

Case study email subject line examples for SaaS

How do you prove that your product works? A well-built case study might be the answer. Grab a subject line to accompany your case study email:

[Product] drives [Brand]'s growth

How [Brand] nailed it with [Product]

Success story: [Brand] chooses [Product]

[Brand]'s [Product] triumph

Case study: [Brand] success

[Product] transforms [Brand]

Behind [Brand]'s success story

Turning dreams into reality

[Brand]'s [Product] achievement

Case study: [Brand] soars high

From struggle to success

Achieving excellence: [Brand]

Success unveiled: [Brand]

Breaking barriers: [Brand]

[Brand] makes waves

Good case study email subject line examples for services

Encourage your customers to try out a service not by saying how good it is but by showing the positive results they can expect afterward. If you have a case where a service has overfilled all the expectations, consider a case study email. These subject lines will help you get inspired:

From zero to hero: [Brand] transformation

[Service] wows [Brand]: Case study revealed

[Service] sparks joy at [Brand]: See how!

High five to [Brand]'s victory

Client spotlight: [Service] brilliance at [Brand]

[Service] revolution at [Brand]: The story

The [Service] effect: [Brand]'s triumph

[Service] sparks [Brand]'s transformation

Elevating [Brand] with [Service] excellence

[Service] revolution at [Brand]: Witness it!

[Brand] soars with [Service] power

[Service] impact on [Brand] success

See the positive results [Service] impacted

[Service] made [Brand]’s dreams come true

[Brand]’s success was one [Service] away

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