40+ Best call-to-action email subject lines

A call-to-action (CTA) email is like an exciting digital nudge encouraging subscribers to do something specific. It's when a recipient receives an email with a special invitation to take action, like clicking on a link, checking out a website, grabbing a great deal, signing up for updates, or even getting a freebie. Your main goal is to make it easy and fun for others to get involved and explore what you offer!

Here, you'll find call-to-action email subject lines for various situations. Let's begin!

Best call-to-action email subject lines for visiting a website

Do you want your subscribers to visit a website so they can find more information, see a particular landing page, or take other actions? Grab a subject line, customize it, and enjoy better open rates:

Discover [Website] today

Get inspired on [Website]

Unlock [Brand]'s world

Find joy at [Website]

Dive into [Brand]'s site

Shop [Website] now

Visit [Brand] online

Welcome to [Website]

Get creative on [Website]

Connect with [Brand]

Experience [Website] today

Step into [Website]

Shop at [Website]

Visit [Website] today

Find bliss on [Website]

Call-to-action email subject lines for purchasing

If you come from a business, increasing its profits is one of the most common visitors in your mind. But how do you make your prospects and customers purchase from you? Email marketing is a good suggestion.

Choose a subject line that will help you get started:

Don't wait, buy now!

[First Name], shop away!

Save on essentials

Shop product today

Time for a [Brand] treat!

Unlock great deals

Get your product now!

Shop [Brand] products

Last call for savings

Shop smart with [Brand]

Shop [First Name]’s faves

Upgrade your life!

Ready to shop?

Exclusive savings inside

Shop [Brand] today!

Good call-to-action email subject lines for getting a freebie

You’re handing out useful freebies – a good motivation to take action alone! Yet, even the most exciting email promoting the freebie can go for nothing if there isn’t a captivating subject line. Luckily, we’ve got you covered and compiled alluring subject lines that get your emails opened:

Unlock [Freebie] from [Brand] today!

Claim your [Freebie] with [Brand]

Grab your [Freebie] now!

Get a [Freebie] from [Brand]

Free [Freebie] awaits you!

Exclusive [Freebie] for you!

Your [Freebie] is ready!

Instant access to [Freebie]

Don't miss your [Freebie]!

Hello [First Name], here's your [Freebie]!

Discover [Brand]'s awesome [Freebie]!

Claim your [Freebie] today, [First Name]!

Get your hands on [Freebie] now!

Snag your [Freebie] with [Brand]!

Your [Freebie] is waiting!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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