40+ Best subject lines for video emails

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, capturing your audience's attention is a perpetual journey. In this pursuit, two powerful tools have emerged as game-changers: video and email. Video has become a storytelling medium that engages, informs, and entertains. Meanwhile, email remains a trusted and effective channel for reaching your audience. Now, picture combining these forces to create a dynamic marketing strategy.

Video email subject lines hold the key to unlock this potential. That's why we're sharing some great examples with you today. Let's begin!

Best video emails subject lines for guides

If you’ve ever tried to instruct a person, you know that it holds true – people are highly visual beings. They don’t want lines of technical text. They want engaging images! That’s why video guides are so popular.

If you’ve decided to hop on video guide train these subject lines are just the right thing for you:

Unlock the power of [Product] – your guide awaits!

[Brand]'s ultimate guide to [Product] success

Get ahead with [Brand]'s [Product] guide

Discover [Product] mastery with [Brand]'s guide

[First Name], ready to dive into [Product]?

Your [Product] video guide inside!

[Brand]'s expert tips: [Product] guide edition

Level up with [Brand]'s [Product] guide

Sneak peek: [Brand]'s game-changing [Product] guide

Calling all [Product] enthusiasts – [Brand]'s guide!

Hello, [First Name]! Uncover [Product] secrets

Master [Product] like a pro with [Brand]'s guide

[Product] expert? Dive deeper with [Brand]'s guide

Maximize [Product] potential with the video guide

Ready to shine with [Product]?

Video emails subject lines for personal messages

Communicating an emotion through text is hard. In the final result, you might get the sense of it, yet not the full scope. That’s where videos with personal messages come in. Watching one, you can almost read what the person is feeling from their facial expressions and body language.

Are you on a task to send a powerful, visual personal message to your audience? We’ve got you with compelling subject lines:

Get personal: [First Name], a special message awaits

[Brand] welcomes you, [First Name], with a video surprise

See how [Product] can transform your life, [First Name]

Exclusive video: Discover [Product] with [Brand], [First Name]!

[First Name], unwrap your personalized video gift from [Brand]

[Brand]'s video message just for you, [First Name]

[First Name], we've created something just for you - watch now

[First Name], your personal video invitation

Experience [Product] like never before - watch video!

Open me, [First Name]! It's your video message

Meet your [Brand] video host, [First Name]

The [Product] video you've been waiting for, [First Name]

Your front-row seat! Watch the [Brand] video

[First Name], press play

[Product] magic unveiled in our video

Best video emails subject lines for product showcase

How do you show your product from all its best sides without cramming the email with pictures? With a product showcase video, of course! This is where you demonstrate all the ins and outs of what you have to offer, proving that the subscriber has no other option than to choose it.

Grab as powerful subject line to go with your product showcase email:

Meet [Product]: See it in action!

[First Name], unlock [Product] secrets

Experience [Product] live!

Discover [Brand]'s [Product] video

[Product] unleashed: Watch now!

Get the scoop on [Product]

Your personal tour of [Product]

[First Name], dive into [Product]

Ready, set, [Product] video time!

Watch [Product] shine bright

Behold: [Product] in action

New [Product] demo just for you

Introducing [Product] - video showcase

See why [Product] is a game-changer

Witness [Product] awesomeness

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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