130+ Best professional email subject line examples

A professional email is like the grown-up version of emails. It's the kind you send when you're at work or in a formal setting, like chatting with your colleagues, emailing your boss or professor, or applying for a job. What makes them professional? They're all about getting straight to the point.

Sure, professional emails can sometimes be short and sweet, like thanking someone for a meeting or wishing them a great weekend. But most of the time, they're all about work stuff, tasks, and business.

Since almost everyone, whether you're a student or working professional, uses email for serious stuff, it's super important to know how to write them well. That's why we're here to help you out with some professional email subject line examples to kickstart your email game.

Professional email subject line examples for B2C

B2C professional emails are friendly messages from businesses to individual shoppers or customers. It's how companies keep their audiences updated on great deals, new products, and helpful info. These emails are designed to engage with the subscribers, provide value, and ensure they follow the rules for sending emails. So, whether it's a special offer or just a warm hello, B2C emails are how businesses stay connected with their customers.

Below, you'll find subject lines for  B2C professional emails that you can copy-paste:

Exclusive offer inside

Limited-time deal

Your special discount

New arrivals alert

Get 20% off today

Don't miss out!

Last chance savings

Hurry, sale ends soon

Upgrade your style

Shop now and save

Your VIP access

Unbelievable savings

Big news from us

New products just in

Free shipping today

Professional email subject line examples for B2B

A professional B2B (business-to-business) email is a digital message that businesses send each other for all business-related things. These emails cover various B2B situations, like selling products, marketing, assisting customers, and discussing potential partnerships. They're vital to building and maintaining strong business relationships, keeping everyone in the loop, and ensuring smooth business interactions!

Subject lines are essential to such emails as they're the first message the recipients see. To ensure your communication starts well, choose one from the list:

Your upcoming webinar

Join our exclusive event

New product launch

Invoice due reminder

Your account update

Save big on software

Meeting agenda inside

Welcome to our network

Exclusive offer inside

Connect with industry leaders

Last chance for savings

Get started today!

Important contract update

Unlock new opportunities

Exciting partnership ahead!

Inquiry email subject lines

An inquiry email, also known as an email inquiry or email query, is a message you send to someone when you want to find out more or clear up something about a particular topic or subject. These emails are standard in professional and business situations, and people use them to gather info, make requests, or show interest in things like products, services, job opportunities, or whatever else they're curious about. It's a way to start a friendly conversation and get the scoop!

Where to start with your inquiry email? These subject lines might help:

Product inquiry - [Your Name]

Meeting request - [Your Company]

Collaboration opportunity

Question about your services

Job application inquiry

Partnership discussion

Regarding your proposal

Request for information

Let's connect, [Name]

Feedback and suggestions

Speaking engagement inquiry

Project proposal query

Interested in your product

Availability for a meeting?

About your event details

Introduction email subject lines

A professional introduction email is a warm virtual greeting you send when you're looking to connect with someone in a formal or business context. It's your way of saying, 'Hey there, I'm introducing myself or my organization, and I'd love to get to know you better.' Think of it as the first step in building new professional relationships and discovering exciting possibilities!

Grab a subject line to accompany your introduction email:

New partnership proposal

New partnership proposal

Join our team

Exciting business update

Product demo invitation

Your exclusive invitation

Let's collaborate

Important update

Exclusive offer inside

A personal invitation

Connecting for success

Your expertise needed

Exclusive partnership

Welcome to our company

Join us for our event

Meeting request email subject lines

A meeting request email is a friendly invitation you send when you'd like to set up a meeting with someone. It's a way to say, 'Hey, can we chat about this topic, project, or issue?' These emails can be for both work-related discussions or personal catch-ups. In your email, you'll usually suggest a date and time, discuss how you want to meet (in person, on a video call, or over the phone), and share the agenda.

An attention-grabbing subject line is a great way to initiate your meeting request:

Meeting request: Quick chat?

Meeting proposal: Let's connect

Scheduling a meeting tomorrow

Meeting invite: Your availability

Requesting a meeting date

Meeting request for discussion

Can we meet next week?

Meeting request: Time to talk

Meeting inquiry: Available?

Meeting time: Your preference

Meeting request: Important topic

Schedule a meeting today?

Meeting request: Your input

Request for a quick meeting

Meeting request: Agenda inside

Follow-up email subject lines

A follow-up email is your friendly way of staying in touch through email. It's a message you send when you want to check in, remind someone about a previous conversation or request, or continue a discussion. Whether about job applications, ongoing projects, or keeping connections alive, follow-up emails help you maintain communication and keep things moving forward!

These subject lines are sure to help your follow-up email get opened:

Checking in

Quick update

Any progress?

Recap of our talk

Final decision?

Important update

Feedback needed

Meeting rescheduled

Thoughts on our call?

Next steps?

Your thoughts?

Confirming details

Any questions?

Follow-up on offer

Finalizing plans

Thank you email subject lines

A professional thank-you email is a heartfelt message you send to express your appreciation and gratitude in formal or business settings. These emails are your way of saying 'thank you' for the assistance, support, time, or any other kindness someone has shown you. It's a courteous and common practice used in various situations.

If you have a situation where you need to thank someone, choose a subject line that will help you do it:

Thank you!


My appreciation

Thanks again

Thanks for your help

Big thanks

You're awesome

Much appreciated

For your support

A special thanks

Heartfelt thanks

Thankful for you

Cheers to you

You're the best

With thanks

Proposal email subject lines

It's an email where you share your brilliant ideas, projects, products, or services with someone, usually in a professional or business setting. You're essentially saying, 'Hey, here's something fantastic we'd love for you to check out!' The hope is that they'll find it interesting and want to explore it further or even team up with you. It's all about sharing possibilities and making connections!

Do you have an idea you want to propose? Take a subject line to get your recipient interested from the very beginning:

Exciting partnership proposal

New project collaboration

Innovative proposal inside

Your solution proposal

Let's grow together

Important proposal for you

Join our business venture

Your custom plan awaits

Exclusive offer for [Company]

Unlocking opportunities

Discover our proposal

Your future success

Exploring ideas together

Tailored proposal for you

A special opportunity

Professional subject line for goodbye

A friendly goodbye email is like a heartfelt note to let everyone know that you're moving on from your current job or role. It's a way to tell your coworkers, clients, and professional pals about your departure, say thanks, share your plans, and make sure they can keep in touch with you. It's all about leaving positively and maintaining those connections alive!

Saying goodbye is always hard, so at least we've got you covered with a warm subject line:

Farewell and thank you

Saying goodbye with gratitude

Moving on, new beginnings

Time to bid adieu

Farewell, my friends

A fond farewell

Best wishes on my journey

Closing this chapter

Goodbye and keep in touch

My last day

Saying farewell today

I’m moving forward

Cheers to new adventures

Leaving with a smile

The final goodbye

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