80+ Ecommerce Email Subject Lines To Use Now

May 13, 2021 - By Nirav Parmar


There are plenty of marketing techniques, but email marketing stands on the top in the eCommerce landscape.

Emails are a simple yet powerful platform that lets you communicate directly with customers and prospectus.

Nearly nine out of ten marketers use email marketing to stay in touch with their customers. No doubt, sending an email is one of the best techniques to keep customers informed about the brand’s whereabouts, but how to make it impressive?

The main protagonist behind sending email is to generate more sales opportunities, hence at the time of drafting marketing emails, don’t overlook subject lines.

The best and catchy subject lines have the potential to produce clicks and leave a positive impression on the reader’s mind. It means your subject line should be short and informative that gives the reader a reason to explore your message.

Your subject line works as a movie trailer, which means you have to convince your audience to open and explore your email just like a movie trailer is made to entice people to watch a movie.

No matter how good content you deliver inside your mails, if your subject line is messy and fails to impress readers, no one will click on it. In short, your mail marketing campaign’s success depends on your subject line. 

But before focusing on tips, let’s explore what the subject line is and why it plays a significant role in the ecommerce sector. 

Ecommerce Subject Lines For Every Email Type

Here we present more than 85 ecommerce subject lines for:

  • Promotional emails.
  • Abandoned cart emails.
  • Welcome emails.
  • Thank you for purchase emails.
  • Shipping information emails.
  • Greeting (for example, Birthday) emails.
  • Win-back emails.
  • Survey & review request emails.
  • Upselling & cross-selling emails.
  • Engagement emails.
  • Referral email.

Promotional Email Subject Lines

Promotional emails often send to customers when any brand is about to launch a new product or if you are going to offer exclusive deals on your product or services.

You need to write an email subject line that actually promotes your business and products and excites the audience to click on your mail. The main motive behind sending promotional emails is to motivate your customers to buy your products.

Here we have come up with a few promotional mail subject line examples that you can use for your next offers and special deals.

  1. We have all new things. For a better you (Apple)
  2. It only happens sometimes, so make most out of it (IKEA Family)
  3. Proof-read your content with premium features (Grammarly)
  4. You can still get it on Christmas (New Look)
  5. Your Dropbox feeling lonely, let’s get all your files from the computer (Dropbox)
  6. Grab or you will miss out (SEPHORA)
  7. 200+ styles just added, Pick and get 50% off (Neiman Marcus)
  8. Remember how you used to share code with friends and get free dishes? (Postmates)
  9. Holiday Splendor, Get 40% off on all products (LOFT)
  10. It’s not too late to gift Great Jones (Great Jones)

Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

Ecommerce business owners know how does it feels when a customer adds a product but leaves out without making a purchase. Abandoned shopping cart emails are an effective tool any brand can use to urge shoppers who have taken an interest but have not finished their purchase.

Here we will share with you some abandoned cart email subject lines that help you convince shoppers to come back and finish their purchase.

  1. Remember this diamond ring that caught your eye? (Mejuri)
  2. Sale will end soon, your cart is calling (Parachute)
  3. Seal the deal now, or else someone else will (Nomad)
  4. Add to bag this one before it’s gone (Cole Haan)
  5. You have great taste (Everlane)
  6. Your cart item will expire soon (Beardbrand)
  7. We have saved your items, Get 15% off (Alex Mill)
  8. Offering you a special discount (Ugmonk)
  9. Checkout now with an extra 30% off (Bonobos)
  10. Would free delivery seal the deal? (Outfit.com)

Welcome New Customer Email Subject Lines

We all have heard that the first impression matters a lot if you are an experienced marketer, this is a piece of cake but if your novice and want to level up your welcome game, and want to convert your customers deeper down your funnel.

Here we are going to show you some real-life examples that help you craft some amazing welcome mail subject lines for your email marketing campaign.

  1. Welcome to (brand name) get free delivery on your first order
  2. Welcome John, Here’s a 30% discount for you (Blue Nile)
  3. Customer’s name, welcome to Patron (Patron)
  4. Thanks for signing up, Here’s your free manual (Hiut Denim)
  5. Thanks for subscribing, we will send you amazing content every week (Yikes)
  6. We are glad finally you are here (MailChimp)
  7. Welcome to the Tiny Fox Newsletter (Tiny Fox Press, LLC)
  8. Thanks for signing up, get free shipping on your first order( Ajio)
  9. Welcome to Airtable (Airtable)
  10. Hey, welcome to Sender (Sender)

Thank You For Purchase Email Subject Lines 

Thanking your customers for an order is such a small gesture that builds a long-lasting relationship with customers and leaves a better impression on someone. Therefore, marketers happily thank customers when they make a purchase and show some gratitude.

Here we have selected the best ecommerce thank you email subject lines for positive results. 

  1. You are the best, thank you for making a purchase
  2. Thank you for your order (Chipotle)
  3. Hello James, Your first order is on the way (BESTSELLER)
  4. Thank you for choosing Jo Malone London (Jo Malone)
  5. Hi David, Thank you for your recent purchase (Allergy Buyers Club)
  6. Thank you for placing such as precious order (CREAM)
  7. Offering free gift on your first purchase (SLeep Country)
  8. We got your order, Keep Swigging (Swiggy) 
  9. Thank You so much, hope you enjoy new items soon (Hudson’s Bay)
  10. Thanks, Maria, We will let you know when the order ships (Tarte)

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Shipping Information Email Subject Lines

Every online store must send a shipping confirmation email because after placing an order, consumers want to know about their order whereabouts, so sending a mail is necessary as it helps your customers and eases their worry about the order.

Moreover, real-time tracking also delivers a top-notch customer experience. Here are five of the best order confirmation email subject lines that brands use. 

  1. Your Fitbit order has dispatched. (Fitbit)
  2. We have shipped your order, now enjoy (GILT)
  3. Here’s your order confirmation, Thank you for being a part of TOMS (TOMS)
  4. Your order is one way, Track it now (Zulily)
  5. Your order number is: [order number]

Greeting Email Subject Lines 

Personalization these days plays a significant role as it feels customers are valued and appreciated. Sending out mail on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. makes customers valued and gives a solid reason to customers to stick with your brand throughout the year.

Here we have collected some real-life examples that inspire you to craft some amazing greeting email subject lines.

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Don’t go wrong with this amazing deal we brought for your holidays
  3. Happy Birthday, Sam, here we have something precious for you
  4. Start your birthday with something stylish (Whittle)
  5. Welcome 2021 with 30% off (Moo)
  6. Your Shipt Year In Review 2020 (Shipt)
  7. Birthday + Weekend= 20% 0ff (Postable)
  8. Start a new ritual this new year (Ritual)
  9. Stay stylish on your birthday (Myntra)
  10. New Year, same you (WeTransfer)

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Win-back Subject Lines 

You know how difficult it is difficult to acquire customers in this competitive world. You also don’t want to lose customers you care about, in fact, you take extra steps to win them back and show them how much you are concerned about them.

The same rule applies to mail marketing. It takes lots of hard work to build your email list, so take some actions and start a win-back email campaign with catchy subject lines.

  1. We haven’t seen you in a while (Duolingo)
  2. Come back and spend some time browsing our new menu (Blue Apron)
  3. Hey, you left too soon
  4. Don’t forget about us
  5. You have just unlocked, access premium features (Grammarly)

Survey & Review Request Email Subject Lines

Survey and review request emails are the best way to know what your customers think about your brand. If you really want to know what your customers think about your business is via email.

You can directly ask customers to spend some time and review your products or service or you can send a link to a customer survey form.

Here we have collected some examples that might help you draft the best subject lines.

  1. Would you intend to suggest our product to your friend?
  2. Can you spend 3 minutes filling up the survey form?
  3. Can you leave feedback on Yelp?
  4. How was your training session? (5-minute survey)
  5. Give us a review on Google and get a 10% instant discount

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Upselling and Cross-selling Email Subject Lines 

Nurturing existing and past customers is very important as they are the one who keeps your business afloat no matter what. Therefore, you need to also fulfill their demands. Try integrating upselling and cross-selling emails to please your customers and show them you care about their needs.

Here we have mentioned a few subject lines that help you write catchy subject lines.

  1. Finish your project quickly with an advanced Avacode App (Avacode)
  2. It’s time to upgrade your account to unlock some features
  3. Recommended for your at discounted prices (Amazon)
  4. Drive less, save more (Lyft)
  5. Get more clicks with Hello Bar Pro (HelloBar)

Engagement Email Subject Lines

According to Invesp, turning your prospectus into a customer costs five times more cost-effective than contracting new customers. Therefore, instead of dealing with complete new customers, entertain existing ones and increase the engagement rate.

Here we have collected a list of five engagement email subject lines that help you boost overall business revenue.

  1. 6 months together and we have brought something for you (ModCloth)
  2. Don’t forget about our stylish collection (ASOS)
  3. We would hate to miss your birthday (Starbucks)
  4. Hey, it’s been a long time we have not seen you (SplitWise)
  5. Welcome John, we have been looking for you (sears)

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Referral Email Subject Lines

Referral emails are sent to your current customers, acknowledging them about your company’s referral and loyalty program. They are sent directly in a personalized way to nurture relationships with loyal customers. It will also bring success to your business through positive word of mouth.

Here we have shared some examples that inspire you to write catchy referral email subject lines.

  1. Refer a friend and get free pair of socks (Bombas)
  2. Refer a friend and get 10% off on your next purchase
  3. Invite your BFF and win a holiday coupon (Boohoo)
  4. Invite your friends to join Rockbox and we will credit your account (Rockbox)
  5. Get $10 off for every friend you refer (Tradesy)

Achieve The Best Open Rates With These Ecommerce Subject Lines

These email subject line examples give you a perfect idea about which type of subject lines work for your business. Keep a track record of your email marketing campaign and see customer’s perception of your brand.

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Nirav Parmar – having More than three years of experience, Nirav is an outreach expert at Elluminati Inc. Having a keen interest in communication, content, and digital marketing, he has worked with many brands and helped entrepreneurs to establish an online presence that drives their business forward.

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