45+ Best press release email subject line

When crafting a press release, we tend to focus on creating a compelling message that provides all the necessary information to grab the media's attention. However, we sometimes overlook a critical component when sending it out—the subject line of our media pitch.

Journalists receive a flood of pitches daily and often skim through their email subjects. A confusing or vague subject line can lead your pitch straight to the "Delete" folder or make journalists think they should ignore you altogether.

That's why we're sharing press release email subject line examples that grab attention and encourage recipients to explore your email further.

Best press release email subject line examples for product launch

A product launch press release is a big announcement for a brand-new product or service! Businesses and organizations use it to spread the word about their exciting new creations hitting the market to the media, industry experts, customers, and everyone. It's a way to tell everyone, "Hey, we've got something awesome and new to share with you!"

If you've launched a new product or are planning to, congrats! That's a huge feat. Choose a captivating subject line to tell the world about it:

[Product] drops today!

Introducing [Product]

[Brand] welcomes [Product]

Discover [Product] now!

Get ready for [Product]

[Product] launches soon

It's here: [Product] by [Brand]

Exclusive: [Brand]'s [Product]

[Brand]'s new [Product]

Unwrap [Product] today

[Product] alert!

Be first: [Product] by [Brand]

[Brand] unleashes [Product]

[Product] debuts at [Brand]

[Product] premieres now

Good press release email subject line for company news

Think of a company news press release as a way for businesses and organizations to shout out exciting updates and important happenings within their company. It's like sharing the juiciest gossip with the media, stakeholders, customers, and the public. These press releases help keep everyone in the loop about all the cool stuff a company is up to, like major achievements, big changes, or other noteworthy news.

Got some company news everyone should know about? Grab a subject line to get loud:

[Company] news alert: [Name] promoted!

[Company] spotlight: [Name]'s success

Breaking: [Company] launches [Product]

[Company] achievements: [Name] leads

[Company] buzz: [Name] takes charge

[Company] newsflash: Exciting updates

[Company] announces [Product] launch

Breaking: [Company] shares big news

[Company] update: Major milestones

Latest scoop: [Company] developments

[Company] buzz: Important news

Hot off the press: [Company] update

[Company] news blast: Don't miss it

[Company] reveals exciting news

[Company] update: Big things happening

Press release email subject line examples for event announcement

Picture an event announcement press release as your go-to way of spilling the beans about an exciting event. Whether you're gearing up for a rocking concert, a game-changing product launch, or a heartwarming charity fundraiser, this press release is your megaphone to let everyone know what's happening.

So, whether you're an event planner, a business owner, or part of a dynamic organization, you can count on these subject lines for the event announcement press release emails:

Get ready for [Event] with [Brand]

[Brand]'s new [Name] is here: join the [Event]

Join us at [Event]: discover [Brand]'s latest

[Name] launch alert: [Event] by [Brand] is a game-changer

[Brand] presents: your [Event] must-have

[Event] exclusive: meet [Name] from [Brand]

Be first in line for [Name] at [Event]

Join the [Event] buzz: [Brand]'s [Product] is here!

Don't miss [Brand]'s [Name] at [Event]

Get excited: [Brand]'s [Product] premier

[Brand]'s cutting-edge [Product]

Be part of [Brand]’s history

Introducing [Product] at [Event]

[Product] steals the show at [Event]

Discover [Brand]'s news at [Event]

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