40+ Best Grand Opening Email Subject Line Examples

A grand opening is a momentous occasion to celebrate a new beginning and share the excitement with others. Email is a vital tool for reaching out and inviting people to join the festivities.

Here, we'll provide captivating subject lines for your grand opening emails, helping you engage your audience and get them excited about your upcoming event. So, let's get started on making your grand opening a memorable and joyous occasion!

Best grand opening email subject lines for inviting

What makes a grand opening great? The number of visitors, of course! But that’s impossible without a good invitation to entice the customers’ curiosity enough to come. So, how do you write a compelling invitation email? These subject lines might hold the key to the answer:

Join [Brand] at our grand opening!

[First Name], be our guest tomorrow!

Discover [Brand]'s new home

It's here: [Brand]'s grand opening!

Get ready for [Brand]'s big day

You're invited: [Brand]'s grand opening

[Brand]'s grand opening celebration

[First Name], join us tomorrow!

Unveiling [Brand]'s new space

Step inside [Brand]'s world

Celebrate with [Brand] tomorrow

Join us for [Brand]'s debut

It's happening tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Come see us tomorrow!

Grand opening email subject line for exciting

The grand opening might be exciting by default for you, but it’ll take some work to excite your visitors. In the great opening email, be sure to mention why it’s an occasion not to be missed: what the visitors will see and get.

Here are some subject lines to help you out with your email crafting:

Unveil [First Name] Now!

Dive into [Brand]!

[First Name], meet [Brand]

Join the [Brand] excitement

Welcome to [Brand] bliss

[First Name], get ready for [Brand]

Step inside [Brand]

[Brand] awaits your arrival

[First Name], let's explore [Brand]

Ready to [Brand] with us?

[First Name], don't miss!

Journey into [Brand]!

[Brand] - your new escape

[Brand] welcomes you!

[First Name], enter [Brand]'s world

More good grand opening email subject line

Didn’t find the perfect subject line for your grand opening email? Fret not! We’ve got plenty more captivating subject lines to choose from:

Get ready for [Brand]'s grand reveal!

It's party time: [Brand]'s grand opening today!

Elevate your experience at [Brand]'s grand launch!

You're invited: [Brand]'s unveiling celebration!

[Brand]'s big debut: Join the celebration!

[Brand] welcomes you to the grand spectacle!

Discover excitement at [Brand]'s grand event!

Let the celebration begin: [Brand]'s grand opening!

Get ready to party: [Brand]'s grand debut!

Join the celebration at [Brand]'s grand launch!

[Brand] grand opening: Get your groove on!

Witness the grand arrival: [Brand] unveils today!

Action-packed grand premiere: [Brand] awaits you!

Blast off with [Brand]: Grand opening today!

Let the music play: [Brand]'s grand event today!

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