80+ Best discount email subject lines

Creating an enticing discount email is like making a delicious recipe - it's all about the right ingredients! Your message, eye-catching visuals, and overall email design are crucial. But here's the not-so-fun part: all that hard work can quickly go unnoticed if your email subject line doesn't excite subscribers to click and read more. This holds even if you have an incredibly engaged email list.

So, here's the deal – when you pique someone's curiosity and give them a good reason to click, they'll do just that! On the flip side, if your subject line doesn't quite hit the mark, your message might end up unnoticed or, in the worst-case scenario, result in customers unsubscribing or marking your emails as spam.

Here, we will dish out some of the best examples of effective discount email subject lines that will have your open rates soaring to new heights. Let's get started!

Subject line for discount offer

In need of a great deal? Check out these irresistible discount subject lines!

Don't Miss Out: XX% Off Sitewide Today Only!

Exclusive Offer Inside: Unlock XX% Off Now!

Limited Time Only: Enjoy XX% Off Your Next Purchase!

Act Fast: XX% Off Your Favorite Products!

Your VIP Discount: XX% Off Just for You!

Final Hours: XX% Off Ends Soon!

Your Special Savings: XX% Off for a Limited Time!

Treat Yourself: XX% Off All Weekend Long!

Just for You: XX% Off Your Next Order!

Last Chance: XX% Off Ends at Midnight!

Best discount email subject lines for holiday sales

Holiday sales hit differently than any of the regular sales. Why? People are in the mood for Christmas, and everything not on board can be easily ignored. So, if you plan on launching a holiday sale, make it festive, fun, and loud. Starting with choosing a captivating subject line:

Unwrap the magic of savings

Holiday cheers and 30%

Sleigh all day with our 20% off sleigh

Jingle, jangle, and save big

Warm wishes, hot deals

Snowfall of savings inside

Winter wonderland of deals

Savings so sweet, they'll melt your heart

Brrr-ing on the savings with [Brand]

Jingle all the way to [Brand]'s savings

[Brand], your holiday savings HQ

[First Name], get cozy with [Brand]'s discounts

[First Name], ring in the deals

Christmas came early!

A gift for being good [First Name]!

Discount email subject lines for Black Friday

The beloved and dreaded Black Friday means the biggest sale of the year for most retailers. For others – it’s a lost opportunity. In some cases, subject lines have something to do with it. How? They get lost in a sea of sale emails in the inbox!

To guarantee that this doesn’t happen to you, grab an intriguing subject line:

Black Friday bliss: 40% off inside

Your [Brand] Black Friday surprise

Shop smart: huge discounts await

[First Name], Black Friday bonanza!

Black Friday magic: 25% off all day

It's Black Friday - grab deals now!

Last chance: Black Friday savings

Black Friday countdown begins

Shop 'til you drop: Black Friday

Black Friday blowout sale

Shh... Exclusive Black Friday deals await – Uncover secrets!

Did someone say huge discounts?

You didn't expect this from the Black Friday sale!

Who allowed us to offer 60% off?

The prices couldn't drop any lower!

Good discount email subject lines for sales

Long past the days when a sale was announced with “SALE SALE SALE,” and that’s that. Now, if you want your offer to stand out from others, you have to get creative. And these subject lines are here to inspire you:

[First Name], it's a steal! XX% off

Unleash your savings at [Brand]

Seize the day with XX% off!

Score big: XX% off inside

Ready, set, save with XX% off

Don't wait! XX% off ends soon

Say hello to savings at [Brand]

[Brand]'s secret stash of deals

[First Name], your discount awaits

[First Name], catch the sale wave

The ultimate shopping spree: XX% off

Steal the show with XX% off

XX% off + free shipping!

Treat yourself: XX% off inside

Today's forecast: XX% off!

Best discount email subject lines for Cyber Monday

Discover unbeatable deals and savings with these captivating subject lines designed to make your Cyber Monday promotions irresistible:

Cyber Monday Madness: Up to 50% off at [Brand]

Your Cyber Monday Surprise: Big Savings Await!

Unlock Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals Today!

Cyber Monday Spectacular: Don't Miss Out!

Last Chance for Cyber Monday Savings at [Brand]

Cyber Monday Delights: Save Big Today!

Your VIP Access to Cyber Monday Discounts!

Score Big on Cyber Monday: Shop Now!

Cyber Monday Bonanza: Massive Discounts Inside!

Dive into Cyber Monday Savings at [Brand]

Discount email subject lines for flash sales

Capture the excitement of your flash sale with these urgent and compelling subject lines:

Flash Sale Alert: XX% Off for a Limited Time!

Act Fast: Flash Sale Happening Now!

Don't Blink: Flash Sale Ends Tonight!

Flash Sale Frenzy: XX% Off Sitewide!

Quick! Grab XX% Off Before It's Gone!

Hurry! Flash Sale Ends in Hours!

Limited Time Offer: XX% Off Flash Sale!

Flash Sale Madness: XX% Off Everything!

Final Hours: XX% Off Flash Sale at [Brand]!

Last Chance: Flash Sale Ends Soon!

Exciting discount email subject lines for new subscriber offers

Welcome to exclusive savings! Dive into these exciting subject lines and unlock special discounts for new subscribers:

Welcome to [Brand]: Enjoy XX% Off Your First Purchase!

Your Exclusive Discount Awaits!

Unlock Special Savings: Your Discount Code Awaits!

XX% Off for New Subscribers!

New Here? Enjoy XX% Off Your Next Order!

Welcome to the [Brand] Family: Here's XX% Off!

Welcome: XX% Off Your First Order!

Exclusive Welcome Offer Inside

Get Your Reward: XX% Off to Thank You

Thanks for Joining: Discount for Your First Purchase!

Unique discount email subject lines for seasonal promotions

Get ready for seasonal savings with these creative subject lines that capture the essence of each season:

Winter Wonderland Sale: XX% Off All Seasonal Items!

Spring into Savings: XX% Off Fresh Arrivals!

Summer Sizzle Sale: Dive into XX% Off Deals!

Fall for Savings: XX% Off Cozy Essentials!

Warm Up with XX% Off: Limited Time Offer!

Summer Lovin' Sale: XX% Off Your Favorites!

Spring Fling Sale: XX% Off Sitewide!

Fall for [Brand]: XX% Off All Weekend!

Winter Warm-Up Sale: XX% Off Cold Weather Must-Haves!

Chill Out with XX% Off: Winter Sale Now On!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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