25+ Oops email subject lines

An Oops email subject line is helpful when you need to correct a slip-up or oversight in your previous messages.

These types of emails are usually easy to write. You just need to acknowledge the goof-up or misunderstanding and lay out the steps to make things right.

In this roundup, we've gathered the cream of the Oops email subject lines to help your campaigns grab attention, visibility, and engagement.

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Oops email subject lines

Considering the aim of this email, it's wise to be direct and to the point in both your subject line and the email content.

Here's how we'd craft our Oops email subject lines to ensure maximum attention:

Alert: Clarification about our last email

Oops, our bad, [First Name]

We goofed up [First Name]

Apologies, it came out SO wrong [First Name]

Fixing our mistake in the last email

Sincerest apologies [First Name]

We messed up!

Sorry [First Name]. How we can make it right

Sorry for the minor hiccup, [First Name]

Slip up: Shouldn’t have happened

Oops, let’s try that again

Our last email missed the mark!

Acknowledging out error

Please accept our apologies

Forget our last email [First Name]

Quick update to our last email

Disregard our last email on [Topic]

A snafu occurred!

We blundered. Sorry!

Apologies for the misunderstanding

We dropped the ball!

Whoops, missed that one

A snag in our last email

A small gaffe: Corrected info inside

Update: Setting the record straight

[Business Name]: Our dropped-the-ball moment

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