Best 10 Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

E-commerce is a business, and like any other business that deals largely with goods, the entrepreneurs would rather not see carts that have been added to and then abandoned. It means the customer will never return. 

Sep 8, 2020 - By Skirmantas Venckus


E-commerce is a business, and like any other business that deals largely with goods, the entrepreneurs would rather not see carts that have been added to and then abandoned. It means the customer will never return. 

There are a host of reasons why this happens, but it is the job of a savvy business owner to not just dismiss it as the cost of doing business, but strive to get those customers back, and get them to buy those abandoned items.

10 Abandoned Cart Email Template Examples

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How Can Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines Persuade Customers to Return

Copywriters are artists with words. An effective copywriter can sell you an idea without you realizing what the idea is and inspire you to hand over money to make it tangible. Copywriting is writing for sales, and copywriters are essentially writer salesmen.

A good copywriter with some fancy words and clever diction can use their gift to spin abandoned cart email subject lines to persuade those errant customers to return to the store and bring their hard-earned dollars to buy those goods.

Some abandoned cart email subject lines that have changed the hearts and minds of many shoppers are things like:

You left something in your basket – can we help?

Make yourself available to assist, just in case your site was the problem.

Oops. Did something go wrong?

Establish a caring bond, so they know you want to fix the issue that drove them away.

New discounts for loyal guests

Incentivize returning with free shipping or discounts at future visits. Everyone loves a discount.

This product in your cart is going fast

Fear of missing out is a huge motivator, even if they don’t actually want the item. Set an arbitrary deadline to buy. It works.

Hey, customer name. Complete your purchase in just two clicks

Make it personal and let them know they are more than just an invisible dollar sign.

For product and customer name you need to use email personalization. Here’s our guide to email personalization.

We still want to be on your bed (for linens) OR Are you as hungry as we are (for kitchen gadgets)

Create a clever, product-related subject line.

You are going to love this item and use it again and again

Give them a nudge that inspires them to finish the purchase, based on the convenience the item will add to their life. 

People want to feel like other people care.

If you make it about more than just the customer to store owner relationship, and connect on a more personal level, the bond will drive business based on nothing more than human loyalty and psychological practices, which further strengthens the connections between people.

Think person emails versus form letters.

Which is better when you receive one?

Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Sales (with Examples)

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6 Reasons Why eCommerce Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

A customer abandons a cart in, let’s say, your local big-box store, for many reasons. They left their wallet at home, or they must go urgently and cannot complete their purchase.

For eCommerce, the reasons are more specific and easily fixable.

Taking physical causes out of the shopping process, the explanation of why carts get abandoned in eCommerce stores becomes more detailed.

It can help businesses to improve how they do things to prevent such situations in the future.

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing (with 6 steps)

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1. Unexpected Charges

Customers hate surprises. And the one unexpected financial surprise that people dislike the most is shipping charges beyond what they usually expect to pay, or some other supplemental fee embedded in the shipping.

This is where Amazon did it right. Top members get free shipping. And it is actually free.

You will often see the word ‘free shipping’ at some eCommerce stores, but there are hidden fees that sneak up on you, not showing themselves right before your credit card clears. 

This practice is the best way to destroy your customers’ trust and send them running to the competition.

2. Invasive Security

E-commerce is online, and anything online can be penetrated by a malevolent hacker. Because of this, there are several security firewalls in place to protect the business and the customer.

Captcha was created to check out robots, or automated hack programs, from actual living breathing humans. It can be very annoying, but it is there to help you.

Even still, too many security measures can frustrate someone enough to send them packing. 

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done without exposing your business to extreme vulnerability. You can offer customers the option to save their info on your server to speed up future purchases, but that requires their trust.

Fortunately, security builds trust.

3. Forced Site Registration

Just like the cashier at your local store has to ask you if you want to be on their email list, eCommerce sites like to have email addresses for future ad traffic and customer order invoices.

The problem comes when a client must do a full sign-up to get to the checkout. It takes time, and they are required to give information that feels invasive. It is even more troubling when there is no “guest” option.

Your customers are not all the same. Give them a chance to register if they want, but if not, guest checkout is best for privacy issues. It might make them come back just for convenience.

4. Limited Delivery Choices

People want options. Have you ever bought something that had a super low delivery cost only to find out it would take a month to arrive?

But the bigger dilemma was that no other delivery methods were offered, so you are pretty much doomed to wait or leave the item and find it somewhere else. 

If your eCommerce shop only has several delivery options, which show a long wait time or a high mark-up on the delivery cost, then you ask your customers to seek goods elsewhere.

5. Payment Gateway Failure

They were so close, and then the payment failed. Or did it?

The customer doesn’t know. Sometimes it actually goes through but says it failed. Or it fails for no reason the customer is aware of.

The bottom line, they are leaving and buying it elsewhere. And when they have a whole cart full of your goods, that can sting pretty badly. 

Keeping your payment method area updated and maintained is a simple solution.

However, if they just have no money and are grasping at straws for one last item before they go into overdraft or max out their credit card, the only thing you can do is let them go.

They don’t have the funds to buy it from a competitor anyway.

6. Limited Cross-Platform Access

Walk into a store, a restaurant, or even a casino, and there will inevitably be someone buying something on their phone.

That person at the Lightning Link machine, tapping the spin button without even looking at it, is probably on Amazon, buying shoes or a book.

But if your shop has cross-platform issues, meaning it doesn’t work as well on a smartphone as it does on a laptop, then a person can deem it frustrating and unworthy of further attention. 

With the convenience of online shopping, when people want to buy something, they expect to be capable of doing it right away.

Having a cross-platform lack of continuity makes your site look low-end and unprofessional.

Using the Best Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines to Increase Traffic to Partnership Sites

One last thing you can do, and this is kind of shady, is tell them goodbye but do it in a helpful way.

If you use your subject line to let them know all is forgiven for leaving their cart items unpurchased, but also add that they might want something from another store, they feel helped.

And they don’t need to know that you are in cahoots with the other store, or that it might be your store also, just with a different name.

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