10 Engaging Fashion Newsletter Ideas

Oct 6, 2020 - By Mark

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Fashion is no danger and can even be our friend if we treat it right and show its beauty and power to others demonstrating all its 360 degrees.

Fashion is a great subject to attract your customers with and for a number of good reasons.

From satisfying the basic needs for clothes and comfort to reminding about the ever-changing world and its trends to making us feel fresh and not like everybody else, fashion is, perhaps, life’s greatest human-made decoration that serves many purposes, the highest of which is aesthetic.

So, presenting fashionable trends to your customers is a great start to attract their attention and a great idea for a creative newsletter that would tell more about you and, perhaps, even help you sell what you have to offer and what you think might satisfy your customer’s needs.

Yet, how can you create a creative fashion newsletter and how you should use it?

Top Tips for a Creative and Interesting Fashion Newsletter

As we already pointed out, people associate fashion with beauty, change, and dynamics, so the ways of making your newsletter presenting trendy things of this or the coming season are many.

You don’t have to rely purely on clothes when talking about fashion to engage your audience.

Trends relate to absolutely everything, from clothes to food, real estate, cars, tech, careers, you name it.

So, in most cases, the subject of your fashion newsletter doesn’t matter when it comes to making a great one.

The general aspects that really matter are the way you present the trends, how you connect them with what you have to offer, what technology you use to create and publish your newsletter, as well as what kind of need you aim to satisfy.

Yes, regardless of what you have to offer in your newsletter, it will still likely to be useful with the right approach and help your customers to either choose something that will make their life comfortable or to gain a sense of being special or to simply getting the aesthetic pleasure from what they see.

You don’t really have to go far to look for design inspiration and even use the newsletters of the true giants as your fashion newsletter examples.

So, here are some of the most important things to consider whenever you think about creating a fashion newsletter that is all about engaging and satisfying your audience.

1. Be creative

Yes, this thing is kind of obvious. We’re talking about fashion and newsletters, after all.

Yet, it’s still important to remind yourself to not be afraid to experiment and treat your newsletters as art.

Not only a creative newsletter will certainly attract the attention of your customers, but it will also make them feel special and please them aesthetically.

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Again, being creative is not all about the looks. There’s no necessity in putting the bright pictures into your newsletter.

But you can embed a brief and stylish video in there, choose the non-obvious trends, or refer to something very relatable for your designated audience.

This point does require quite a lot of effort, however, it pays off in the end. Just see this Vogue email example advice and you’ll see that it’s all about.

Here’s Vogue Daily email newsletter example:

2. Use various channels for publishing

While fashion trends today circulate predominantly in social media, there is a lot of alternative technology to target your audience, and, in many cases, this technology allows greater focus on your audience and for your audience.

Not only you can be more customer-oriented and specific, but you can also bring attention to the things you might find important using some tech tricks.

For instance, email newsletters are about 40 times more engaging than social media posts on average.

At the same time, this kind of newsletter allows you greater creative freedom and has many limitations regarding the length and content that a social media post.

3. Make your newsletters useful

It was previously mentioned that regardless of the subject and your market area, your newsletters will be useful one way or another.

Yet, that comes only with the right approach.

Don’t forget that you’re not the only one showing your audience what you have to offer.

Be creative not only regarding the aesthetic of your newsletters but also regarding their usefulness.

Do want to help your customers. Create guides for them. Use alternative trends.

Show them what is trendy and fashionable in other areas and help them choose something fitting to that from what you have to offer.

Now, that’s what marketers call an engaging newsletter.

You can also enrich and improve your newsletter content with our other guides:

4. Optimize your newsletters for different devices

While it’s impossible to create a perfect newsletter for all channels and devices, you can at least get close to that.

Don’t forget that a vast number of your customers might use mobile devices, like phones and tablets, to read the news from you.

So, optimizing the content for devices with smaller screens and dynamic orientation must be a great idea.

And there’s no rocket science about that, you basically have to get the discernable enough pictures and organize your text to fit in the smaller screens.

5. Segment your customers more precisely

When it comes to fashion, you’ll hear about people’s preferences and tastes a lot.

Some people like following the general trends, while others might prefer the underground in order to not look and be like everybody else.

On top of that, newsletters can be done more efficiently if they consider your customers’ age, sex, online behavior, or even the date of birth.

Marketing to Gen Z: The Definitive Guide

Our recommendation.

Just imagine how cool it might be to get a newsletter email wishing you a happy birthday and suggesting some fashionable trends particularly for you and your next year of life.

6. Adapt and target your content to various audiences

To increase your reach, you can target an alternative audience. One of the easiest ways to do that is to target another country.

Basically, all you have to do is to translate and localize your newsletter to that country.

What’s more, there’s plenty of resources to help you with. The professional translators and localizers will take care of the rest.

We also recommend to read more about email list segmentation.

7. Customize the newsletter preferences for your customers and audiences

Email newsletters are often treated as spam by people for quite a good reason, there might be a lot of them coming during the average workday.

The same relates to social media. People might unsubscribe from your page in order not to see too much in their feed.

In order for your audience not to be bothered by unnecessary information too much, you can customize their choice.

Let them subscribe only to the email newsletters they need, and you’ll have more subscribers for sure.

8. Put news in your newsletters

While newsletters about fashion should be all about news, you can bring that to a whole new level and target your customers by preferences and show them the news they likely want to see.

As such, you can target environmentalists with the news about recyclable clothes or healthy lifestyle trends.

Combine this with useful guides and your newsletter will certainly sell.

9. Create informative subject lines

In many cases, the subject line defines the success of an email.

Again, lots of consumers might simply ignore your newsletter just because their subject lines look like another promotional email offering to buy something they don’t need.

To create an engaging newsletter, you must aim for helping your audience as well as make it clear in your subject.

Here are our 30+ subject line examples to increase sales.

10. Give your audience a choice of trends to follow

Perhaps, one of the best types of newsletters or informational posts is the top list.

Tell your audience about a few of the best trends of this season, month, or week.

Not only you will bring some useful information out, but also show your audience that you understand the diversity of their preferences.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Brave

Remember that courage is always appreciated.

Show the audiences that you have something to give them, make sure to underline that it’s useful and relevant, and be brave enough to experiment a little bit at a time.

Engaging the audience is always useful, but it also should be fun. You won’t be able to engage your audience unless you are engaged in yourself.

If you sincerely wish to help your customers, you’ll be able to handle truly inspirational newsletters and information posts.

So, remember to keep things informative and don’t be afraid to have a little bit of fun.

About author

Mark is an aspiring traveler, researcher, and writer. Writing a lot for a number of informational resources, he learned much about traveling, education, and modern lifestyle. For the past few years, Mark worked with PickWriters most closely and became even more aware of languages, cultural diversity, and self-perfection. As he learns enough about the best trends in those topics, he goes on and does his best to teach you. Join Mark on his journeys through modern times and never miss a beat of this ever-changing world!

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