45+ Best order confirmation email subject lines

Order confirmation emails need to be more than just order details to be effective. They need to make the customer feel appreciated to keep them returning for more (and spending more).

However, it’s not only the email content that matters. The subject line does, too. However, many marketers tend to neglect it as customers expect order confirmation. But don’t let that stop you from getting creative, seeing as you can still use the subject lines for promotion and to build engagement.

Let’s look at some good order confirmation email subject lines you can use today!

Best order confirmation email subject lines for ecommerce

It’s always joyful when a customer orders at your ecommerce store. It means they’ve trusted you, liked your products, and increased your sales. Congratulations on doing something right!

But it doesn’t end here. You want to leave a lasting impression and snag another potential purchase from the same customer, so you must craft compelling order confirmation emails.

Here are the subject lines to help you get started:

Your order is confirmed

Thanks for shopping with us

Order confirmation: Let's celebrate

[First Name]'s order confirmed

Your purchase is on its way

[Brand Name] order complete

Cheers to your new purchase

Get ready, it's on the way

It's coming: Your new stuff

[Brand Name] sends love

Your package is on its way

Order confirmation: Woohoo

Your happiness is shipped

[First Name]'s great choice

[First Name], order success

Order confirmation email subject lines for SaaS

The SaaS subscription confirmation email is another order confirmation email you should have. In it, you should ensure your customer that their transfer went through and that they can now use your product or start enjoying their free trial.

Look at these subject email examples to understand how the rest of your order confirmation emails should go:

Welcome to [Brand Name] Free Trial

Get started with [Brand Name] Free

Your [Brand Name] Trial begins

[First Name], your trial is ready

Welcome to [Brand Name] Premium

Elevate with [Brand Name] Pro

[First Name], you're all in!

Enjoy [Brand Name] at its best

Access [Brand Name] benefits

Your [Brand Name] Membership

Dive into [Brand Name] Plus

[First Name], you've leveled up!

Your [Brand Name] boost

Welcome to [Brand Name] Pro

Enjoy [Brand Name] Premium

Good order confirmation email subject lines for recommending more products

Have you ever thought that order confirmation emails could lead to immediate repeat purchases when done well? Use this opportunity to recommend additions to the recent buyer's order. For example, if they've bought an evening dress, recommend shoes and jewelry to go with it. This way, you can interest them in making a second purchase.

Choose one of the product recommendation subject lines to go along with your order confirmation email:

Your order is in! Discover more

Exciting news about your order

Thank you! Here's a little extra

Order confirmed! Check out more

Something extra for you

Your order is here + more to see!

Order confirmed! Don't miss this

Great choices! Discover more

Your order is ready + recommendations

Your order + bonus gifts!

Your order is complete. What's next?

Don't miss our recommendations!

Thanks for choosing us! Discover more

Great news about your order!

Order confirmed! Explore further

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