100 Clever Email Subject Lines

Dive into our curated collection of attention-grabbing subject lines that captivate, intrigue, and compel readers to click. From witty one-liners to irresistible offers, these clever email subject lines will elevate your email game and boost engagement.

Clever email subject lines

Using clever email subject lines can showcase your business's personality in a way that both positions and entertains.

Let's check out some examples that illustrate this in action:

Saving money is an art, become a Picasso

Top 3 reasons to open: Save, save, save!

Don't let our deals go like the dinosaurs

Explore 20% off. No treasure map needed

Dive into discounts, no swimsuit required!

Up to 50% off - This ain’t a typo!

99 problems but 30% off aint one of ‘em

Be a Savings superhero, NO CAPE required

30% OFF - Fly without wings

Discounts gone wild! Here’s 25% OFF

30% off SALE: Who needs a genie now?

Lights, camera, and 20% savings!

Savings so good, we almost kept them

The sign you’ve been waiting for: 30% off

Handle our gravity-defying discounts

3, 2, 1... Liftoff to 30% savings!

Dial S for Savings: 20% off now!

Our sizzling SALE (don't bring sunscreen)

Our VIP-only, red carpet sale!

Savings forecast: 30% with sunny skies!

Guess 2+3=? (Winner gets 30% coupon)

Play detective: Find 15% off inside

Abra-cadabra: Poof! 20% off your order

You won't need 3D glasses for these deals

Knock, knock. Who’s there? 15% off!

Get 25% off: No strings (or nets) attached

Clever newsletter subject lines

Clever newsletter subject lines are perfect when you need to stand out in crowded inboxes and compel recipients to open your emails with excitement and anticipation.

Let’s look at some additional examples of clever newsletter subject lines below:

Whip up magic in the kitchen

Crafty creations await your touch

Your recipe adventure begins now

Unlock your inner culinary genius

Design your dream space today

Dive into DIY delights

Your guide to crafting wonders

Transform your home with ease

Cook up a storm of flavor

Infuse your home with DIY charm

Unleash your creative spark

Craft your way to happiness

Find joy in every DIY detail

Delight in delicious kitchen discoveries

Create your own recipe wonderland

Design brilliance starts here

Dive into decor magic

Craft your perfect sanctuary

Spark your creativity today

Let your imagination run wild

Savor the flavors of DIY delights

Design your life with DIY dreams

Craft your home into a haven

Taste the joy of culinary adventure

Infuse your space with DIY magic

Clever email subject line examples

For most common ecommerce requirements ranging from launching new products to recovering lost revenue from abandoned carts, there’s very little that clever and witty email subject lines can’t do.

Here are some more clever email subject line examples:

Unattended cart: Save 10% before it's gone

Flash sale: If you snooze, you lose

Your shopping cart called. It feels lonely

Guess what dropped early? Hint: 15% off

Knock, knock. It's your abandoned cart

Cart-astrophe averted: Come back 10% off

Hush! Secret besties-only SALE

The new chic: First look at 15% off

[Product Name]: Grab it or regret it

[First Name], where did our spark go?

Fresh out of the oven: Hot new arrivals

Ready, Set, Launch! First dibs at 20% off

[Product Name]: 20% off the next big thing

Hello from the other side... of your cart

Breakup alert: Your cart misses you

Your cart's singing the blues. Cheer it up?

[Product Name]: Now making waves

[Product Name]: You saw it here first

[Product Name]: New kid on the block

[Product Name]: What’s been cooking so far

[Product Name]: The plot just thickened!

Drumroll, please for [Product Name]!

[Product Name]: Upping the ante and how

[Product Name]: Future called. We answered

[Product Name]: We just hit gold!

Clever subject lines for sales

Smartly crafted, clever, and witty subject lines can often disarm your prospects into opening your promotional salesy emails with a smile and an open mind, all ready to buy from you.

Here are some ways that you can use clever subject lines to make sales the easy way:

Our prices are on a diet – 20% off

Saving looks good on you: Take 30% off

Don't open... unless you want 20% off

THIS sale might break the internet

We're bad at math: 50% off everything

Our styles want to meet your closet!

Tinder SALE: Date discounts all day long

Prices so good, you'd think it's illegal

Prices cut so deep, they need band-aids

Sprinkle of discount + Dash of style

Our MEGA SALE: Watch your wallet dance

Take 50% OFF before we change our minds

Buy now or cry later: 30% off

[Brand Name]: Slashing prices, not quality

Snooze and you lose... THESE discounts

Too cool for full price? Take 20% OFF

Resisting our MEGA SALE is futile

SALE so sizzling, it's basically summer

[First Name], join the savings spree!

Step up your fashion game, wallet intact

Say hello to high style + low prices

A sale so lit, you’ll need sunglasses

Fall in love with our products, and prices

[First Name], swipe right on THESE deals

Shop luxe, pay less [First Name]

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