50+ FOMO subject lines

Understanding FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is crucial in marketing. We all get that nagging feeling when we think we're missing out on something valuable. Whether it's information, experiences, or opportunities, it's a potent force that can drive action and decision-making. By grasping this concept, you can effectively tap into people's desires and significantly enhance the performance of your promotional campaigns.

When leveraged effectively and in moderation, FOMO can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. It's not just about tapping into people's desire to be part of something exciting or exclusive. It's about using FOMO to help skyrocket your profits and maximize your return on investment (ROI). This guide will show you how.

In this comprehensive guide, we've meticulously curated our top FOMO subject lines, which are practically guaranteed to skyrocket your email open rates and engagement levels.

FOMO subject lines

FOMO subject lines are particularly effective for product launches, especially when combined with limited stock or early bird pricing strategies.

Now, let's delve into some captivating FOMO subject lines that exemplify how to harness this powerful psychological trigger:

[Brand Name]: Last 24 hrs for 30% OFF

[Event Name]: Only 10 spots left

20% Savings ends tonight, [First Name]

Webinar replay inside (24 hrs only)

Prebook [Product Name] now for 20% less

Grab your 10% OFF before it expires

Last call to checkout with 10% OFF

Register now for the [Topic] webinar

FREE shipping for the 1st 500 orders

Exclusive VIP-only deal ends in 24 hrs

Today only: Free shipping on all orders

Final call: 25% off ends at midnight

Special bundle offer ends in 12 hrs

First 10 orders get extra 10%

Only 15 VIP seats remain

Your cart contents to be emptied in 4 hrs

1 day only flash SALE: Up to 30% OFF

Weekend special: Up to 20% OFF

FREE shipping. No minimum. 24 hrs only

[First Name], want 40% off? It's now or never

Abandoned cart alert: Claim 15% off now

[Course Name]: Last day to enroll

Last call: Get 2 for the price of 1

FREE workshop invite expires in 24 hrs

[Product Name]: Only 5 left at this price!

Ends tonight: Your exclusive 30% OFF

FOMO email subject lines

Your subject line can effectively communicate FOMO by emphasizing urgency or scarcity. When you convey to your readers that time is limited to grab a special deal or that your stock is running low, they are compelled to take immediate action.

Here are some compelling examples of FOMO subject lines to inspire your campaigns:

20% + EXTRA 10% OFF if you order now

Your dream discounts end in 24 hrs

Reminder: Our MEGA SALE ends in 12 hrs

Early bird pricing: 3 days remain

Alert: Our hottest deals are going away

[Product Name]: Only 7 pieces remain

[Brand Name]: Grab your size before it's gone

[First Name], unlock today’s secret SALE

Special early bird pricing for [Product Name]

Don't miss out: Our 24-hr flash sale

Hurry! Last 10 items at 30% less

[Event Name]: Claim your spot for $27

Our private sale ends in 24 hrs

[Brand Name]: 75% off today only

Last chance: Register & save 50%

[Product Name]: Preorder and save 30%

Last chance to save up to 50%

[Product Name]: Almost sold out!

[Product Name]: Get your limited edition now

Your VIP discount ends in 48 hrs

Closing soon: Our Super SALE

[Product Name]: Last chance to get yours

Last day: Buy one, get one free

[Topic] Masterclass: Last 9 seats left

24-hr Flash SALE: Up to 30% OFF

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