165 Best email subject lines for sales

In the world of email marketing, crafting the perfect subject line can make all the difference in capturing your audience's attention and driving sales. Whether promoting Black Friday deals or simply aiming to boost engagement with your audience, the right message can make all the difference. Here, we'll explore some of the best email subject lines for sales that will pique your subscribers' interest and sense of urgency. Let's dive in and uncover the secrets to crafting compelling subject lines that drive results.

Best email subject lines for sale

Are your email campaigns falling flat when it comes to driving sales? Crafting the perfect subject line can grab your audience's attention and boost your click-through rates. Grab some of the best email sales subject lines that are sure to make an impact on your subscribers. From catchy hooks to compelling offers, here are examples of sales email subject lines that drive results:

Don't miss out! XX% OFF

XX% off just for you - Inside

Exclusive XX% discount code

Save XX% for a limited time

Treat yourself: XX% off everything

You are #StyleGoals. XX% off to prove it

New styles just dropped. Get XX% off!

It's (almost) over! Final XX% off call

Your XX% discount expires soon

Psst... XX% off inside

Surprise! Here's XX% off

XX% off! You'll look amazing in this

Calling all sales lovers. XX% off!

Today only: Take an extra XX% off

Just in: XX% off new arrivals

Sales email subject lines examples

Shouting ‘sale’ is not enough to stand out if everyone is doing it. If you want to get noticed in the box, you need a powerful subject line:

New styles, new you?

The sale you've been waiting for

Open me... if you love sales

It's here: Our biggest sale ever

Limited edition styles inside

You won't want to miss this

Sale starts now!

Prices so good, they won't last

The clock is ticking on this sale

Your closet will thank you

Treat yourself (you deserve it)

Hello sunshine, hello sale!

Weekend ready? We've got you covered

Best sellers are going fast

This sale is fire

Catchy email subject lines for sales

The subject line may make or break your sale campaign’s success. Ensure the results are desired:

Shop now, save XX% later

We've got a surprise for you. XX% off!

Hello, gorgeous! Here's XX% off

Stock up on your favorites

The deals you've been dreaming of

Your perfect outfit awaits

Time to shop 'til you drop

Sale ends soon! Don't wait

Shop now, thank us later

Refresh your wardrobe for less

A sale so good, it's unreal

New arrivals, just for you

Last call for summer styles

Don't miss the boat on these deals

The sale everyone is talking about

Good subject lines for sales email

People are bombarded with promotional messages, especially around sale seasons. Don’t get drowned in this noise with an effective subject line:

It's finally here! The sale you love

VIP Access: Unlock XX% off

Your wish list is XX% off

Secret Sale: Get XX% off now

Limited time offer: XX% off

Members Only: Exclusive XX% discount

Early Access to XX% off sale

Don't miss the XX% off party!

Get the look for less. XX% off!

Upgrade your style. XX% off today

Wardrobe refresh? Get XX% off now

You're going to love this

Your shopping spree starts now

The ultimate sale guide

Get the VIP treatment

Great subject lines for sales email

Good subject line not good enough for your sales emails? When grab a great one:

Flash Sale Alert! XX% off sitewide

48 hours only: XX% off everything

Last chance for XX% savings

Now or never: Get XX% off

Unlock your potential now!

Limited time offer inside

Transform your space today

Discover hidden deals here

Elevate your style easily

XX% off, act fast!

Your new favorite product

Save big on must-haves

Upgrade your life today

XX% off, don't miss out!

Exclusive offer for you

Funny email subject lines for sales

Humour is a sure way to lure in people. If your subject line gives them a smile, you can expect an open in return:

Don't open this email unless you want to save 20%

Our prices are falling—catch them at 30% off!

We're practically giving it away: 50% off!

Warning: these deals may cause happiness overload

Our sale's so big, it barely fits in this email!

Oops, we did it again: 25% off everything!

Hide your wallets, but not really: 40% off!

We told our prices to take a hike—down 35%!

This sale's so hot, it's practically stealing!

Our discounts are on a diet—slimming down prices!

Alert: your favorite items are 20% off (no joke)!

Price drop alert: catch them before they recover!

Sale so exclusive, even your dog can't know!

Prices are melting faster than ice cream in the sun!

We're not kidding: you've unlocked 30% off!

Flash sale email subject lines

Flash sales happen quickly, so if anything it’s important that your readers get to know about it as soon as possible. These subject lines are perfect for that:

Flash alert: Prices falling like shooting stars!

Blink and you'll miss it: Flash sale starts now!

Lightning deal: Strike now for 40% off!

Flash flood of savings: Dive in before it's gone!

Speedy savings: Catch this flash sale fast!

The flash sale countdown: Save before zero hits!

Instant impact: Flash deals for the next 24 hours!

Rapid rewards: Flash sale unveiled for VIPs!

Ephemeral offers: A flash sale you can't ignore!

Time warp deals: Flash sale ending in 3, 2, 1…

Catch it if you can: Flash sale disappears at midnight!

Flash in the pan: Hot deals for a cool 48 hours!

Quick! Snag your flash sale treasures now!

Blink twice: Yes, these flash sale deals are real!

Snapshot savings: This flash sale will be over in a flash!

Cold sales email subject lines

Tired of your cold sales emails landing in the abyss? Your subject line is your first impression, so make it count! Get ready to watch your sales soar with these subject lines:

[Company Name]: Unlocking new dimensions of success!

Boost your bottom line: Tailored solutions for [Prospect’s Company]

Unlock the secret to skyrocketing sales!

Ready to transform your business results?

Exclusive offer: Elevate your strategy today

Is your business ready for a revolution?

How to catapult your sales in 30 days

Your blueprint for unstoppable growth awaits

Discover the game-changer for your sales team

Elevate your sales game with insider secrets

Exclusive insight: Boost your sales performance

Transformative strategies for sales success

Your access to cutting-edge sales techniques

Revolutionize your sales with proven methods

Unlock explosive growth for your business!

The sales breakthrough you've been waiting for

Step up your sales game: Strategies inside

Sales follow-up email subject line examples

Persistence pays off, especially in sales. If you've sent a meeting request or want to check in on previous conversations and haven't heard back, don't despair! These follow-up email subject lines will help you re-engage your prospect:

Let's take the next step together!

Your success path awaits - follow up

Did our proposal spark some thoughts?

Elevating [Prospect’s Company] - next steps?

Imagining a brighter future for [Prospect’s Company]

Ready to transform [Prospect’s Company] together?

A quick nudge: let's not miss this opportunity

Keeping the momentum going for [Prospect’s Company]

Your thoughts on moving forward?

Reimagining success for [Prospect’s Company]

Can we help [Prospect’s Company] achieve more?

Just checking in: any questions we can answer?

Let's make magic happen at [Prospect’s Company]

Securing [Prospect’s Company]'s future: next steps?

[Prospect’s Company]'s roadmap to success - discussion?

Creative subject lines for sales emails

Creativity goes a long way. So why not use it in your sales communication? These subject lines are just one of the ideas:

Whisper code: 20% off just for you

Midnight madness: 30% off starts now!

Unlock secret savings: 25% off inside!

Treasure hunt: 40% off hidden gems!

Flash freeze: Prices drop 50% at midnight!

Golden ticket: 15% off your wishlist!

Sale symphony: Harmony of discounts inside!

Discount dance: Twirl into 35% off!

Price plunge: Dive into 45% off deals!

Starlight sale: 20% off until dawn!

Eclipse event: 30% off in the shadows!

Magical markdowns: 50% off spells inside!

Cosmic clearance: 25% off stellar finds!

Savings soiree: 40% off party favors!

Time traveler's discount: 30% off yesterday's prices!

Eye-catching email subject lines for sales

Grab your prospects’ attention immediately and don’t let them go until they’ve bought from you. These subject lines are good start:

Unlock your potential now!

Limited time offer inside

Transform your space today

Discover hidden deals here

Elevate your style easily

XX% off, act fast!

Your new favorite product

Save big on must-haves

Upgrade your life today

XX% off, don't miss out!

Exclusive offer for you

Get more for less now

Your perfect match awaits

XX% off, limited stock!

Ready for a change?

Effective subject lines for sales emails

What does an effective email subject line look like? These examples might give you an idea:

Unlock exclusive savings

Fall in love with savings

XX% off, today only!

Discover your next favorite

Transform your routine

XX% off, hurry!

Feel the difference now

Special just for you

XX% off, limited time!

Your dream product here

Get inspired today

XX% off, grab yours!

Discover amazing deals

Elevate your experience

XX% off, last chance!

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