50+ Best transactional email subject lines

These emails allow businesses to share crucial info with customers when it matters. They usually get sent out when the visitor does something on a website or app, like resetting a password, placing an order, getting details about your delivery, or receiving receipts.

Transactional emails are necessary to keep the customers at ease that their actions went where they needed to be and have the expected results.

Here we’ll give your transactional email subject lines for the most popular types: order confirmation, delivery status, and shipment details. Without further ado, let’s start!

Best transactional email subject lines for confirming order

It's such a wonderful feeling when a customer places an order at your ecommerce store! It means they've trusted you, enjoyed your products, and boosted your sales. Congratulations on hitting the mark!

But your task continues. You want to make a lasting impression and even secure another purchase from the same customer, so it's time to create some fantastic order confirmation emails. To get you started, here are some catchy subject lines:

Your order is confirmed

Thanks for shopping with us

Order confirmation: Let's celebrate

[First Name]'s order confirmed

Your purchase is on its way

[Brand Name] order complete

Cheers to your new purchase

Get ready, it's on the way

It's coming: Your new stuff

[Brand Name] sends love

Your package is on its way

Order confirmation: Woohoo

Your happiness is shipped

[First Name]'s great choice

[First Name], order success

Transactional email subject lines for shipping confirmation

After the order confirmation email, the shipping confirmation email is the next step to brighten your customer's day. This email lets them know their fantastic purchase is already coming! Just a little more waiting, and they'll have their hands on it. And remember to mention the expected delivery time in the email to make your customer's anticipation even more delightful.

Here are subject line examples you can use for shipping confirmation emails:

Your order is on its way!

Exciting news about your order

Your goodies are coming!

[Brand] delivery update

Get ready for your delivery!

[First Name], your items are shipped

Your order's journey has begun

Your shipment is making its way to you

Shipping news for you

Exciting news about your shipment

Brace yourself – your order is shipping!

Delivery day is almost here!

Your [Brand] order: Out the door

[First Name], get ready for some special mail!

Good news: Your items are on the move

Good transactional email subject lines for delivery confirmation

The delivery confirmation email is final in the transactional email chain, informing customers that their order has been successfully delivered. While it looks like an evident thing that doesn’t require much attention, it can sometimes be a lifesaver. For example, if the customer didn’t receive the order but received the delivery confirmation email, they’ll know it fell into the wrong hands and should be searched for.

Now, when that’s out of the way, let’s look at subject line examples you can use to inform about delivered goods:

Your package's safe arrival

Delivery complete, enjoy!

It's here: Your package

[Brand] Delivery: It's Yours!

Delivered with care

[Brand] Package Delivered

Package touchdown!

Your treasure has arrived

[Brand] Delivery Success!

Special delivery for you

[First Name], guess what?

Your delivery adventure

Unbox your happiness!

Delivery mission accomplished

[Brand] Delivery: Time to Celebrate!

Auto Reply Email Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any thriving relationship, and this principle holds in your professional interactions with customers, clients, and colleagues within your workplace.

Setting up an autoresponder email message becomes imperative when you anticipate being away from the office or no longer being part of the company. Additionally, expressing gratitude for your customers' contact can go a long way in maintaining a positive connection.

Not only does this practice help you maintain a professional image during your absence, but it also assists in promptly addressing urgent matters that demand immediate attention.

So, how should you structure your auto-reply email subject line? Here we'll provide you with several highly effective examples to consider.

Hero illustration
Hero illustration

Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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Hero illustration

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