40+ Best price increase email subject lines

A friendly price increase email is a heads-up from a store or service provider. It's a message you send to let your audience know that you'll be adjusting the prices of your products, services, or subscriptions shortly. You send these emails to keep your customers in the loop and be open about upcoming changes.

Your customers must open these emails for the price increase to avoid becoming an unpleasant surprise later. That's what the subject lines are for. Here, you'll find a selection of price increase email subject lines. Let's begin!

Best price increase email subject lines for products

As a fellow business owner, you know that keeping prices fair and steady is crucial. But there are moments when cost fluctuations or market shifts call for a price adjustment. Having a friendly and transparent conversation with your valued customers is essential when that occurs. Here are some subject lines to help you get started:

[Brand] update: Price change

[Brand] [Product] price update

[Product] price revision alert

[Brand] prices going up

New [Product] pricing

[Brand] updates pricing

[Brand] delivers: New product pricing

Unveiling fresh rates: [Brand] [Product]

Price upgrade alert: [Product] by [Brand]

Transforming value: [Product] new cost

[Product] reimagined: Pricing news

Curated [Product] pricing by [Brand]

Redefining quality: [Product] cost boost

[Brand] rate adjustment

[Product] price refresh

Price increase email subject lines for services

Nobody’s immune to price increases. And service providers are no exception. If you plan on increasing your business’s pricing, it’s best to announce it as quickly and smoothly as possible.

These subject lines will help you with it:

[Brand] service update

[Service] price changes at [Brand]

[Name], your [Service] update

[Brand] [Service] news flash!

Big news: [Service] price update

[Name], [Service] update alert

[Brand] [Service] transformation

[Name], [Service] news

[Service] changes at [Brand]

[Service] newsflash from [Brand]

[Name], [Service] news break

[Service] price changes

[First Name], our pricing is changing

Hurry to get [Service] before price change

[Service] price changes soon

Price increase email subject lines for subscriptions

Subscriptions are usually less susceptible to price changes, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. If this your case, grab a subject line to accompany your price increase email:

[Brand] upgrade alert!

New rates for [Product]

Important [Brand] update

[Name], our new prices

[Product] rate adjustment

Value meets price

[Brand] subscription news

[Name], your subscription

[Brand] pricing update

[Product] evolves

[Brand] renewal info

[Product] price shift

[Name], stay informed

[Product] rate news

[Name], our value

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