15 Payment Successful SMS Message Examples

Sep 8, 2021 - By Adomas Sulcas

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Payment successful messages have become such an industry standard that when they don’t arrive, we feel left out.

Everyone in every industry expects to receive some communication about successful payments.

Usually, these ‘payment successful’ messages are sent through email. However, marketers and business people, in general, have been looking into SMS. ‘Payment successful’ SMS messages are likely to be at least as effective as emails, if not more effective.

In this article, we’ll go through all of the most burning “why”, “what”, and “how” questions. Additionally, we’ll give you plenty of examples that can be applied to your own SMS messages that confirm that the payment is successful. 

Why Send “Payment Successful” Messages

Many marketers would answer such a question with a shrug or tell you that it’s a best practice. However, that’s not where the story ends. As the practice has been in play for so long, there have been numerous reasons to keep it going.

Of course, payment verifications were implemented as a legal measure. It is now a standard anti-fraud check that is used to avoid any possible problems with payments. Additionally, it serves as a legal document for cases where proving payments might be necessary.

On the other hand, it’s simply a good user experience. For example, sending a thank you message for payment received SMS to clients is a great way to ensure that everything has gone through and that the rest of the transaction is left to the business.

In fact, successful payment messages have become such a part of our daily lives that not doing it would likely end in confusion. There’s really no good reason not to send these messages.

However, the differences lie in the methods taken. Most businesses prefer emails as the channel for ‘payment successful’ messages. Their benefit is that they can include as much information as needed. Yet, there’s an opportunity for SMS messages here.

You can use SMS messages to deliver the same thing, however, as we know from statistics, the open and read rates beat any other marketing channel in existence.

SMS can be used for marketing, too. And it can be a very effective way of driving more sales!

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Payment Successful SMS Content & Examples

It’s almost impossible not to notice a payment verification message, at least in an email. They’re very basic messages that don’t have too much content in them. However, we do recommend adding in at least a couple of these parts: 

  • A greeting
  • The recipient’s name
  • The company’s name
  • Amount paid
  • An URL for more information

There’s really not much else you need to add to these messages. Especially since thanks messages for payment received confirmation messages are intended to be short, sweet, and to the point.

Most experts recommend fitting within 1 SMS message, which is 160 characters. Including all of the above will get you to that point easily.

However, if you need just a tad bit more of a push, we’ve gathered a few thanks messages for payments received. All you need to do is tweak and twist a bit to fit your business’ tone and voice to get started.

  1. Hey, [name]! Thank you for purchasing [product] at [company name]! Your payment has been confirmed. For more information: [URL]
  2. [Brand name]: Hey, we’d like to inform you that we have verified your payment. See what’s next at [URL].
  3. [Brand name]: Hello, [name]. We’ve confirmed your payment. Thank you for shopping with us. For more information: [URL].
  4. Hello, [name]. Thank you for shopping with [brand name]. Your payment for [#]$ has been verified.
  5. Hey, [name], it’s [brand name]! We have verified for payment for [#]$! Thank you for working with us. For more information, visit [URL].
  6. Hey, it’s [brand name]. This is a confirmation message that we’ve received your payment. Best wishes.
  7. [Name], it’s [brand name]. We’ve confirmed your [#]$ payment. Thank you for your patronage. For more billing information, visit [URL].
  8. Hi, it’s [brand name]! We’re glad to inform you that we have confirmed your payment. Thank you!
  9. Hey there, [name]! This is a confirmation message for your payment. A copy of a detailed invoice can be found here [URL].
  10. Hey, it’s [brand name]. We have just received your payment! You can find more details by visiting [URL].
  11. Hello, it’s [brand name]. We are sending you a message to inform you that your payment has been successful. For more info [URL].
  12. [Brand name]: This confirms that we’ve just received your online payment. Thank you for shopping with us. To opt out of further messaging, text STOP.
  13. [Name], this is [brand name], and we’re glad to inform you that your payment for [product] has been successful! For more info: [URL].
  14. [Name], your payment at [brand name] has been successful. For more information and for your invoice, visit [URL].
  15. Hello, your payment at [brand name] was successful. We will send you further status updates. To opt out, text STOP.

All of the examples above can serve as a good starting point for ‘payment successful’ SMS messages in any industry. With a few tweaks here and there, you can set up incredibly effective payment confirmation SMS in just a few minutes.

However, you will need software that enables you to set up triggered messages, namely SMS.

Additionally, to send SMS messages to someone legally, you have to receive consent. This is usually done through opt-in forms that are put all over your website.

There are several best practices for opt-in forms. Usually, they are included in several stages of the buyer’s journey (from the homepage to just before a sale is made).

Additionally, they generally are keyword-based subscriptions (i.e. users send a keyword to a phone number. Finally, a one-time discount code is generally included that works for any order to entice the user to subscribe.

Conclusion About Payment Successful Messages

Setting up triggered payment successful messages is an integral part of any online business. However, there is a shift going from email-based messages to SMS. The latter is simply that much more effective and simpler than the former.

Want to find out how you can set up triggered messages for your emails?

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