39+ Webinar Email Subject Lines You Can Use

Dec 16, 2022 - By Camilla Mackeviciute


The pandemic has made people realize the importance of online educational meetings. These online seminars are known as webinars.

Different webinar software platforms can help you organize them.

If you are planning a webinar for your business, it’s important to send invitations and reminders using emails.

The subject lines must be strong enough to get the instant attention of your audience and get the best email open rates.

In this article, you will find webinar email subject lines for these situations:

  • Attendance invitation;
  • Speaker invitation;
  • Webinar confirmation;
  • Feedback;
  • Event reminder;
  • Webinar cancellation;
  • Technical difficulties.

Webinar Email Subject Lines For Every Situation

Large companies and businesses focus on the subject lines. Most of the time, a call-to-action phrase is used. A CTA improves the visibility of your emails as well. The subject lines and CTA actions are the two most important factors for your webinar invite.

These two will make people open your invitation as soon as they receive it. CTA will get people to join your webinar session. Use catchy subject lines to grab the attention of your subscriber.

There is a cadence for promotional emails that you have to follow in your webinars.

Following are some examples of subject lines that will attract your audience to attend:

  1. Last chance to join our webinar on health and nutrition! 
  2. Join us to know the X secrets and tips about keeping your vegetables fresh 🥦
  3. Meet the speakers for the detailed debate about feminism

It’s important to make your subject lines thrilling. By using the name of the speakers, you will excite your audience.

  • Using the words “last chance”, “secrets”, “tips”, and “boost” will increase interest. Using the event name for your webinar will let the users know what your webinar is about.
  • You should play with the length of the subject line as well. A lengthy line is not always a good catch. Readers lose interest in reading the long subject line.

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Attendance Email Invitation Subject Lines

There are some webinars where you have to make sure that people know their attendance is compulsory. For these promotional emails, you have to add affirmative words. The email subject should have “mandatory”, “compulsory”, and “necessary” must be a part of your subject line.


  1. Mandatory to attend our final research on Polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  2. Your attendance is compulsory at the first webinar on computer programming
  3. Make sure to join and acknowledge our webinar invitation as soon as you receive it.

The attendance invitation helps in letting your readers know about the importance of the webinar.

Speaker Invitation Email Subject Lines

For those webinars where a famous speaker is present, you can add the speaker’s name. It grabs the instant attention of the readers.

They will open the email to see who the speaker is. This will increase the credibility of your email and webinar as well.


  1. Join us with (name of speaker) for an overview of the latest laser technology!
  2. Listen to what (name of speaker) has to say about ‘me too’ movement
  3. Learn top secrets and cost-effective tips for weight loss by (name of speaker)

The name of the speaker person with the title of the webinar increases the interest of your readers. Their curiosity to know more about the speaker person will make them attend the webinars.

Webinar Confirmation Email Subject Lines

It is also important to focus on the confirmation reply to the email. The readers will appreciate your connectivity.

As soon as they acknowledge your invitation email, you should send a confirmation email to ensure they are attending it. You can use words to say thank you for registering for our webinar.

A webinar thank you email will make your readers feel happy about your business.


  1. Mark your calendar: (webinar name) is happening on (time)
  2. Your presence at our webinar is highly appreciated!
  3. Looking forward to your presence at our webinar

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Webinar Follow-Up & Reminder Subject Lines

Follow-up webinar subject lines help in making both partners know about the next meeting.

If you are hiring for your business, you may have many meetings with the candidates. You need to follow up with them.

For research webinars, you may have to create many sessions. Your impressive subject lines will help you.


  1. Update on the webinar for advancements in science and technology
  2. Checking to know the status of the final research session for biology
  3. Following up on the last session!

You can add the titles for your webinars in the subject lines as well. A follow-up subject lines let the readers know what sessions you are talking about.

It creates a link between your previous emails and current ones.

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Post Webinar Email Subject Lines to Attendees

The post-webinar emails to attendees can be of different types. It can be of thankfulness or appreciation. It can also be about attendance acknowledgment.


  1. Your attendance at the webinar is highly appreciated
  2. Loved having you with us!
  3. Hey there, thank you for joining us! Your recording is on the way.

Post Webinar Email Subject Lines to Non-Attendees

For the people who haven’t attended the webinars or missed them, there are some ways to make it up to them. You can always post-webinar emails for the webinar absentees. This will make them feel high about your work.


  1. Here is an overview of what you missed today
  2. Future updates for our next webinars are here
  3. Waiting for your presence in our next sessions!

Cancellation Email Subject Lines

Sometimes due to unwanted circumstances, you might have to cancel your webinar. It should be done professionally. Your subject lines should show the reason. You can add the new timings for the webinars as well.


  1. Cancelation (name of session) because of technical difficulties
  2. Postponing the webinar to (next date)
  3. Unavailability of the speaker for today’s webinar

Webinar Acceptance Emails Subject Lines

Webinar acceptance emails are important in keeping your readers hooked to your content. They will get to know about your work more.


  1. Acceptance notifications for the webinar
  2. Confirmation of your reservation at the webinar
  3. Alerts for your joining in the session

After-Webinar/Feedback Emails Subject Lines

Feedback or after-webinar emails are significant for knowing the experience of your attendees. You can ask them to rate you or ask about the things to improve. You can also summarize the important details to make them memorable for your audience. 


  1. Help us be better for you!
  2. Open for after-webinar discussion 
  3. Here are the important points from today’s webinar! 

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Missed Webinar Email Subject Lines

If your attendees have missed the webinars, you can still catch them. Your missed webinar emails will help them in trying again. They will be curious and will want to join your next session.


  1. We missed you at our last session
  2. Looking forward to seeing you at our next session!
  3. It would be better with your presence…

Webinar Technical Difficulties Email Subject Lines

When organizing a webinar, you have to make sure that all things go right. Still, there are chances of technical difficulties. If your readers experience any difficulty in the session, you owe them an explanation. You can write an email about it. 


  1. We apologize for the delay 
  2. Here is another link to attend the webinar 
  3. Join our new session for the updates!

Take Webinar Email Subject Line That Fits for You

It is a significant thing to make your email subject lines catchy. A CTA phrase and catchy subject lines will make your users feel appreciated. You have to follow the complete sequence for the email subject lines from sending invitations to the feedback emails.

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